Tapu Gets Into All The Ladies!


Hi friends, this is a fictional take on the fictional ‘Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma.’ This story involves affairs with older ladies and even incest. I hope you will like it.

During Holi, the Gokuldham society organized a massive fest, with colors, sweets, and yes, bhang. However, due to a racket of hooligans, heavy dosages of viagra slipped into the bhang packing sites. And this bhang got mixed up in Gokuldham’s lot.

On the day of Holi, all members, Iyers, Bhide, Gadda, Haati, and Sodhi, played with colors in the morning. Then around noon, the ladies had a bit of lassi (with bhang) and went to their respective houses to make lunch. The men were still playing Holi.

Suddenly the viagra starts to kick in, giving massive sex urges to Tapu. He wanted to pound Sonu hard this time. So he went to the Bhide house. By this time, his lust had risen too high.

As soon as he entered the house, he heard a moan. Someone was masturbating hard on the dining table. Tapu took his penis out. He put some spit on the top and then went straight into the living room.

But it wasn’t Sonu. It was Madhavi bhabhi. She was pushing her fingers into the unshaved pussy. Oil from her aachar had spread over her body. She pulled Tapu towards her. Tapu saw a bit of aachar on her blouse, and he wanted to taste that.

But as he reached her breasts, Madhavi pulled a boob out of her blouse and put it in Tapu’s mouth. It tasted like heaven. Tapu decides to return the favor by pushing his fingers into Madhavi’s wet pussy.

But then he suddenly realized it was not his girlfriend but her mom. So he pulled out and ran across to the other house.

It was the Iyers place. But there was no sign of Mr. Iyer. Rather, the hottest ladies of Gokuldham, Babita, and Anjali. They were already naked on the sofa. Their salwar was lying near the door.

Tapu couldn’t resist joining two ladies fucking one another in scissors position. They, too, welcomed Tapu with a fancy blowjob. Babita started teasing Anjali about how deep she could take Tapu’s massive penis. Anjali looked red-faced, seeing the deep throat of Babita.

Babita was surely getting more of that juicy dick. Anjali tried hard but choked at half the length. Her mouth was too small for a load of cum. It started leaking out, and she couldn’t swallow it all.

Meanwhile, Babita was a natural, taking the full length in and not wasting a bit. Angry at losing the game, she declared to Tapu and Babita, ” You are good at the mouth. Do you know what I am great with? ANAL!” Both Tapu and Babita were shocked. Anjali quickly brought some vaseline and spread it over her hole.

Now Tapu was ready to push it in. But just as he started, he realized it was a small one. Tapu asked Anjali if she was cool. Anjali looked teary-eyed, but she wanted to beat Babita. She shouted, “Yes, you put it all in me, not an inch outside.”

Tapu looked at Babita for help. Babita said, “Don’t worry, I am there for you. I will lick that small asshole so that your meat can go in. But then Anjali has to lick my pussy.” They all agreed.

Now Babita laid on top of Anjali, putting her pussy in Anjali’s mouth. While she rubbed Anjali’s pussy and licked her asshole as Tapu put the whole of his dick in. They had a great session.

After a while, a hungry Tapu returned to his home, still expecting to fuck Sonu. He went directly into the kitchen. He found his mom’s saree and blouse in the way. In the kitchen, Daya was looked hornily at his son. Tapu had also never felt the same about his mother.

But today, seeing her backless and in a soaked saya (the inside garment of a saree), he couldn’t resist. He approached her from behind, asking what he could eat. Meanwhile, his dick rubbed against the panty. Daya said she has nothing ready. The only thing she can do is to breastfeed him.

Tapu slowly ran his hand into the undergarment touching her pussy. Daya let out a soft moan. Tapu took note of her approval and pulled up the saya, exposing her silk panties. Daya turned at Tapu, with her pointed boobs now touching him.

Tapu now lifted his mother into the kitchen slab, made a small gap in the panties, and put his fingers through it. Daya let out a bigger moan. Tapu slowly slid his dick in. Daya was getting hornier every moment, asking Tapu to ram her harder.

Tapu lifted her again. This time with the dick in her and fucked in the air for a while before taking her to the sofa for a doggy style fuck. Their horny adventure was cut short by Champak chacha entering the room. “Go find your father. I will take care of your mom now.”

He was concerned about both Sonu and his father, Jethalal. Tapu now went to the Sodhi’s. From a distance, he could hear not one but two women moaning simultaneously. He was excited as well as scared. So he silently entered the room, not making a single noise.

The sight there was wonderful. Both Roshan and Sonu were getting full action. Roshan was enjoying her husband in her mouth. Iyers BBC was in her pussy and Bhide in the asshole.

Meanwhile, Sonu was treating the old friends Tarak and Jetha. Surprisingly they weren’t touching her pussy. Jetha, lazy as usual, was enjoying a blowjob and Tarak ramming the soft pussy.

After a while, they all noticed Tapu. Roshan laughed, and cum started flowing from all her holes. “You have got a nice girlfriend. She took one in the ass but wanted to be a virgin for you.”

Sonu now rushed into Tapu’s arms. She whispered, ” Join me in the shower, darling, gonna make this Holi memorable.”

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