Streets Of Kolkata – The Untold Story – Part 2


“There’s a courier for Ms. Anita Chaterjee.” A short man with darker complexion, dressed in red colored pocketed T-shirt and black trousers. On the pocket of the t-shirt courier company’s name was imprinted. He stood on the doors of Chaterjee mansion, with a box wrapped up in plastic bag of a e-commerce store.

Grandma stood on the other end of the door, peeling some potatoes and onions. She was also short of height, but the old age has shorten her more, with quite a lot wrinkles and white hair, she has a look more of her age “A courier! Whose? We didn’t order anything!”

After the death of her son Mrs. S. Chaterjee was living there with only her granddaughter. ‘…And without her concern her daughter wouldn’t do anything’ was her belief. “But it is ordered that’s why it is here.”

The courier boy replied. “Wait let me call my daughter.” She with her aged legs stood up and stride through the corridor to her room. And very calmly knocked her door, “Anita! My child wake up! There’s a parcel for You!”

With few inches of that horny banana inside her, she was lost in some other world. Few more knocks, and grandma succeeded in bring her back to earth. But she was still feeling dizzy and couldn’t get off her bed. “Anita…. wakeup… he is waiting! With your parcel” The word ‘parcel’ brought her back to her senses.

Although having severe pain in her lower body she quickly got up and put on a her loose V- shaped T- shirt, over her naked body and a pink pajamas, to hide her swollen pussy, which were her night dress. While putting her PJs to hide her assets she called out that she is coming in a minute.

Quickly she walked up to the door and turned once to her room, which was a mess, that wasn’t a matter of concern. The bed sheet had a blood stains of her broken pussy walls. So, she in a blink of a second hid the stains with pillow and other things.

Opening her door, with a wide smile and muss hair, “What it is maa! That you’re shouting so much!” “There is a man, waiting for you and you….” Cutting her, “Who… At this time. Okay… Let me see!”

When walking down the hallway to the door the thought that it must be her big girls toy was making her arouse. Her nipples stiffened itself with every step forward and her pussy starts to leak again.

But she anyhow reached the door. “Yes, madam just sign over here.” Eyeing on her big popping nipples who were locked behind her T-shirt, and it was working hard to hide her sexy deep cleavage.

When she came to his side to sign beside her name. She could feel his eye on her. The Man was few inches shorter than her, so it was easy for him to explore her bosom. Though she felt weird with his eyes on her, she was liking it.

Reluctantly she took her parcel and found herself trembling due to the activity of that crazy banana and was cursing herself for not wearing panties. Her juices continued to ozze out and trailing down her legs and with the idea that that man eyeing her was increasing its intensity.

After all the formalities the man returned die heartedly.

“What is it Anita!” While keeping the parcel she was enquired. “It’s not mine, Maa! Its Rohini’s… you know na her father still didn’t allow her to order online even its COD. So she ordered here.” A satisfactory smile she got in a reply.

Without wasting any time she took up the box and walked towards her room still trembling badly but now her grandma was engrossed in her potatoes. Trembling she walked to her room and open up the box and found a big packet in it.

When she took in her hand she could its thick girth and length. Then she calmly reads, ‘Rebellious Ryan will push your boundaries! See just how much of his impressive rod you can contain! The lifelike SexFlesh material provides a firm core to this lengthy penis, but maintains a fleshy surface layer and soft, squeezable tip, just like the real thing!

The super-detailed shaft and testicles provide even more of the realistic feel you are looking for. Try Ryan on for size almost anywhere by mounting his sturdy suction cup base to almost any smooth, flat surface. Measurements: 9″ overall length, 6.25″ insertable length, 1.85″ max insertable diameter.’

**Tring! Tring!**

Before she could dive into the lake of pure lust here phone rang.

“Hey! Anita! Where are you I am waiting for you out on the street. Don’t you waana go to college.” From the other side, with a sound full of excitements.

“I haven’t taken a bath yet…”

“What!” Cutting her off between her words. “I am already late! Like yesterday! I don’t wanna miss the psychology lecturer, he is so cute.”

“Oh! That old dick!”

“What happened to your words, why you abusing.”

“Just nothing, come up I have something to show you.”

“No Anita we are already late!… Ohk coming! By the way, what is it?”

“Come over I’ll show you, you going to love it!”

With the idea of that her soul sister is coming up to see his big girl toy, gave her a different sensation. Buy controlled herself, got up to settle her room, just to make a place to sit. First she took off her blood stained bed sheet and threw it aside. Bring out a fresh one settled it on her extra soft mattress.

By the time she was done with the bed sheet there was a knock on her door. Enthusiastically she ran for the door, while running she felt an emptiness down between her legs rather the pain she was feeling when she woke up.

“Aww! Rohini!” She gave her deep hug and pushed her aside to see what she was wearing. She as a very willful girl and dress as she wishes. And today she was looking as always, fuckable. Her boobs were screaming by the tightness of her push-up bra, over it she put on a white tee and a denim jacket as guard from eye molester. Though she don’t give a damn to them.

“Haven’t taken a bath yet, you bitch! What you were doing till now!” She bursted out, and took off her brand new Aviator sunglasses and tucked it between her big boobs’ cleavage.

“I broke it!”

“What the fuck! How!”

“Yesterday, I did it with a banana!”

“Where were your chastity!”

“I don’t know…what overcome me yesterday all I can think was that big cock being rub on my ass…after that… everything happened so quickly…and you know what I ordered it… It’s about 9″…”

“Holy shit! Where is it!”

She walked to the other side of the room and bring out that big yellow packet of ‘Rebellious Ryan’


Rohini quickly tore the packet and brought out that monstrous cock.

“Oh my pussy!” Started she lustily took it in her hand, but Anita took it away and said, “Let’s have some fun!” Both the girl started to giggle.

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