With Cousin Sister During A Marriage


This is a story which happened a year ago during my cousins marriage. Hi I am jack(changed) and I’m 22 years old with an average 6″ tool. This is about one of my bustiest cousin who is as old as I am. Lets call her Rita. I always had that lust on her since her puberty days so did she but we couldn’t express it till one day we accidentally kissed each other and flow of time led it to a big 10 mins smooch. But that incident after that day was never remembered by e or by her.

This incident happened during the marriage where entire family had gathered to celebrate my cousins marriage. As you all know marriages are so tiring and exhausting. Lets not waste time and go directly to the incident. It was a day before the sangeet functions where all cousins were practicing the in dance performance and me being bad in it required a lot of practice. So after 1:30 am all other cousins went to sleep we two had to practice till I could perfect it. This happened during this time where me and rita took a separate room on the 1st floor so as not to disturb anyone else.

As we were practicing for 3 hours we both were tired and were planning to sleep as next day would be too hectic for us. As were were going to sleep she complained of acute back pain which was due to no rest for a lot of days. As it was 4:30 am no one except me was awake who could help her massage her back so she asked me if I could help her massage her back and I happily agreed. (about my cousin she is super busty with a figure of 38d-30-38.) she lied on her stomach and back facing me. Before that as she was wearing a shirt I asked her to remove it and wear it the other way so that I can easily access her back. Using coconut oil I started massaging her lower back with equal pressure so that she feels good with after completing lower back I proceeded to the upper back and shoulders. As she was wearing her tight 38d bra which was way too tight and was in my way I asked her if she would open her bra for easy access of her back she was not ready at first but due to her pain she agreed.

Even after that I was facing problem as she was a bit plump and it was difficult to reach her entire back so without asking her I kept my legs on both side of her thighs and sat on her thighs and started massaging her. She also understood my problem and didnt object. As I moved towards her shoulder I moved myself to her big fat 38 ass and sat on her ass to massage her shoulders. By this time I didn’t realize my dick was hard by now and was rubbing on her ass as we were busy in the massage session. As I sat on her ass I realized it and raised myself to avoid any physical contact but due to her plump body I didn’t have any option but to sit and massage. I took that courage and sat on her ass with my dick placed on her ass crack and started moving too and fro as I was at the peak of my pleasure.

After few strokes she realized it and go up to stare at me this made my dick completely inside her ass crack which made her moan loudly and she smiled and slept back to enjoy the ass massage she was getting. With her green signal I got up and pulled down her trousers to reveal her big ass and her pink panty she helped by lifting her ass so that it could easily be removed. I also removed by shorts and came down to my boxers and again sat on her ass but this time we were feeling each other to the core as a layer had been reduced and pleasure also increased. We totally forgot about the massage and started enjoying the dry sex we were having.

After about 5 mins of humping her ass crack I was on the verge of cumming and without telling her I removed my dick and came all over her ass and panty. After I came I rolled her over removed her shirt and her bra and started massaging her boobs which were as big as a football.

After that I started sucking her one boob and massaging her other boob this made her moan her throat out. This went on for 20 mins as they were impossible to leave by that time my dick rose back to glory and she took and started stroking it slowly and with in no time started sucking me with slow sensual bites on the head of my dick she sucked me for 5 mins and as I was about to cum I asked her to stop and I lied her on the back and started sucking her vagina which was clean shaven.

I sucked her for 15mins where she came 2 times and was completely satisfied but yet one round of actual fun was yet to come. I asked her to stand on all her fours and entered from her rare end and started fucking her with full force till I came on her ass again. As it was almost 6 am and we had to get up at 7 am we wore back our clothes smooched again and slept for a while. After the marriage we had another encounter which was more erotic then our first one which I will narrate after I get a good response to this one

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