The Lady Lecturer – Nailed And Screwed


Hi all readers this is Jerry Finolen from Chennai here to narrate you all the best of my fucking sessions.I have been following ISS for almost 4 years and here is my first story. This my sexperience with my lecturer who eventually became a secret lover.Hope you will enjoy it. I look forward for your comments and feedbacks. contact me at “”.

It was the time for the Annual Cultural Meet in our college and i was doing my final year engg. The heroine is my Lecturer named Nimmy, 28 years of age , married with a child 2 years old. She is one among the damn beauties of our college fair, curvy, medium ht and slim. Any man would fall for her shapy body, the most intriguing part of her is her butts. oh god she has a shape of 34-30-36.

About me am a sportsman from school days and medium complexion.I was the cultural secretary of my dept and also the director of the Theme Show event. Ms.Nimmy was the staff co-ordinator of the same event.every day after college hours we used to practice in college for the show and she used to supervise the happenings.

As days passed Nimmy became friends with all of us ,especially me as am always jovial and easy going type. She personally congratulated me for scripting down the Theme Show very well. She used loiter there and I never missed the chance of ogling at her assets secretly. Many a times I used to see her ass crack over her saree and also her side view of those melons. i used to imagine the roundness of them and also from inside envied her husband for being so lucky.

Finally the day of culturals arrived and by evening the entire college had gathered in the auditorium for the events. We were allocated the 6th slot for our performance out of the total 8 slots.As i was undergoing the final preps my friend came to me and told that one of our participants Neha met with an accident on her way to college. I didnt know how to react and I went to the parking lot to have a smoke. Suddenly an idea flashed my mind and i immediately called Nimmy’s number and told her that i wanted to meet her alone as we were in a serious crisis. She agreed to me in the second floor class room where the students were dressing up for the show.

A few minutes later, I found myself standing in the second floor corridor watching the gorgeous figure of Nimmy striding towards me.

Nimmy : “Whats the matter Jerry, u look tensed. Is everything ok?”.

Me : “No mam. Things are not ok. We have a problem here. You know Neha right?? “.

Nimmy : ” Yeah. That lean girl from 3rd year. Whats up?? Dont tell me that your madly n love with her ok. ( she started giggling and gave a wink ).

Me : Can we be a little more serious on this mam?? I said there s a problem which is Neha meeting with an accident a few hours before on her way to college.

Nimmy : My God!!!! Am sorry. I mean.. where is..ummm…hows she now??? Nothing to worry right. Is she fine??? U guys took her to the hospital???

Me : Yup. The public had admitted her in nearby hospital. Now she is alright. I’ve sent friends to her home to convey the message and another group have gone to the hospital now. ( this wasnt a lie, i really did all these as soon as i heard the news)

Nimmy : Ok fine. I got scared.

Me : Now coming to the point. Neha had a role in our skit. Now i dont know how to replace her.

Nimmy : This is getting worse now. Let me think who…( she started to imagine a suitable alternate for my hopeless condition.)

I stopped her thoughts midway by my annoying request.

Me : Mam you alone can help me now. I want you to play the role of Neha. Its quite easy. Just a few seconds collectively on stage.

Nimmy : Are you joking lad??? Staff have no business in the student cultural. If the management gets to know about this then am I’ll be taken to task.

It took me nearly 20 mins to convince her and finally she agreed to help and also asked me to promise to not say a word about this to anyone.

Me : I have brought the show costumes. If you could change them asap we can have a rehearsal before our slot arrives.

I then took her to a lonely classroom at the other end of the corridor where there were no chances for any intruders. She took the costume from me and entered the classroom asking me to wait outside.

Nimmy : The things you make me do…uuffff ( she sighed heavily as she locked the doors in front of me.) Her curvy mounds raising up as she did so.

Me : You are gonna do even more for tonight honey. ( i thought to myself ).

This was the moment when the Devil within me grew to its fullest volumes. I decided to do anything and everything possible to screw this beautiful goddess tonight. I climbed up the window and peeked in through the ventilator. Luckily the lights were on and in a corner of the room I found Nimmy removing the shoulder hook that supported her pallu. I silently took my mobile and started recording the lucky events that followed.

Nimmy by now had taken off her pallu and was busy unhooking her blouse. Then within moments she stood there with just her inners. Her bulging mounds struggling to get out of her bra cage. Her swaying ass curved and inviting. Before she was about to wear the new costumes she stood for a moment. Then she walked towards the table where she had placed the costumes and finally started wearing them.

A few more minutes passed. By now I got down and saved the entire 18 mins video in my phone. I sent a copy of it to Nimmy’s number through an MMS. Two mins later Nimmy called me inside. As I entered the room her stunning sweet fragrance caught my nostrils first.

Nimmy : am ready Jerry, now lets start with the practice”.

Me : Why so long mam??

Nimmy : You’ve given me so heavy clothes to wear on. Takes time to get them on me.

Me : If so then just take them off. I smiled naughtily saying this and she didnt even seem to notice it (This is when i started making my moves towards my fantasy).

Nimmy : Dont be silly. Come on lets start the practice.

Me : I’ve send you the dialogues. Check your mobile and get ready for a FUCKING awesome experience. ( I said these words purposely. For the first time she noticed a change in my slang and gave me a confused look and put her hands into her handbag to bring out her mobile.)

Nimmy : What the heck!!!

Nimmy was shell shocked seeing the video i had sent her. She didnt stir for a few minutes collectively. I Then moved close to her and whispered in her ears.

Me : Hope you like it Mam.

She turned towards me all of a sudden and gave me a loud slap. She took hold of my shirt collar and continuously gave me thrashes on my face. I wanted to soothe her anger so let her do what she felt like doing for now.

Me : Stop it Mam. Its not gonna help you in anyway now.

Nimmy : Shit !!!!. You youngsters nowadays are awful. First delete this video off your mobile or else am taking this to serious proportions. You will regret it then. Do it now.

I stood there without any response. Seeing my non co-operation Nimmy now pulled my mobile from my pockets. She pushed me away and gave me a furious look, slapped me for one last time and strode past me towards the door. It was my show now. I grabbed her hands from behind

Me : I have sent a copy of this video to someone at the disc, operating the projector control. One word from me and the entire crowd down there would feast over your bikini scandal. I mean it. Just do as I tell you and this is gonna be a secret between only the two of us.

Nimmy began to tremble as she realized my words. I could see a tear drop run down her cheeks. She was smart enough to know what i was going to tell her next.

Me :I want you baby. I have been dreaming of getting you for months and today is the day. I want my seed in you. “

NImmy was speechless. without wasting time I inched towards her and hugged her from the back. My already hard monster started to poke her ass over her robe. (the costume for the show) . I slowly took my hands forwards and landed my palm on her left boob. Slowly I cupped it and started massaging. Nimmy now began to sob.

Nimmy :‘This is wrong Jerry Please let me go. Am married and I belong to someone else. Am like a sister to you . Please don’t do this to me. Let me go please.”

Her words fell in deaf ears as I was busy squeezing both her boobs by now. I removed her robe straps from her shoulders and pulled down her entire gown. My woman of my wet dreams stood there with only her inners and trying to cover herself with her bare hands n vain. I removed my T shirt and hugged her once again. Our body heat melted our minds.

Nimmy : please dont do this. Stop married and am a mother. I beg u please.

Now I turned Nimmy towards me and locked my lips with hers. She tried pushing me away but I firmly held her close to me by holding her butts in both hands. After sometime I broke the passionate kiss and turned to her boobs. Those sweaty melons bore my love bites for almost 10 mins and finally I freed them from her bra. Nimmy was by now getting turned on. I felt a shock pass through her body as it was the first time somebody apart from her hubby biting her brown pointed nipples.With a whip I undid my boxers and my monster jumped out in action.i took her hand and kept them on my cock. She took hold of it squeezed it to compensate the pain her boobs were enduring.

I took my left hand to her butts and oipened her ass crack with my fingers. I thrust my index finger into her butt hole. She started to shiver.

Nimmy : Ahhhhhh…..shhhhhhhhhhh this is…this is good..uummmmmm

Me ; your so deep in there Sweety.

Nimmy : i never thought i would be doing this Jerry. Ummmmmm…but am so confused…Me : Forget the guilt darling. Just enjoy the moment.

I started kissing her lips. She responded by putting her tongue out. God i was crazy by now. It was like i were in a wild dream. Then i broke kiss and looked at her. She was still in a dilemma. I lifted her off the floor, carried her to a nearby desk. She lay down. I spread her legs and bent down to see the heaven’s gate. She was already wet down there. Without wasting time i started licking her inner thighs. I teased her for quite sometime.

Nimmy : oh Jerry.. come on…ahhhhhh lick my cunt please…lick it inside… i want to enjoy more of this…eat my pussy please…

I was more aroused hearing this. I ate her pussy like a mad dog. She began moaning louder.

After a while i stood up. Looking into her eyes i said “your turn dear”.

Nimmy : hey i dont have the habit of doing that. Even when mu husb…( before she could complete..)

I pulled Nimmy by her hair and drove her mouth directly towards my crotch. Without any permission I just throbbed my dick into her mouth forcibly and started fucking her mouth. After few moments i losened the grip. She was not that good as she was a beginner, but i thoroughly enjoyed her work that even without my knowledge i started moaning so fast.

Me: mmmm woowwww Nimmy its awesome. Keep doing it. Its so wonderful. Ummmm..

Then i withdrew my cock from her mouth. It was all hot and blown up to a size even i had not seen before. It was ready for a nice lubricated screwing. I made her lie again on the desk. I spread her legs wide and positioned myself closer. I looked at her one more time. Nimmy was ready and wanted more. Her eyes pleaded me the pleasure of a hardcore love-making. I slowly pressed my dick head against her clitoris and pushed it a bit. Then i slowly increased my pace and got more inside her with every stroke. All of a sudden i gave one full ram and my dick was fully into her pussy.

Nimmy : sssssssss…. a bit slower my honey. Am not running anywhere until you finish it. Be a little more easy on your teacher. ( that last thrust must have pained. Nimmy was smiling at me with her eyes rolled up.) I started pumping even faster.

Nimmy : ahhhhhh…..ssssssssshhhhh thats it….do it faster Jerry…harder… mmmmmmmaaaaaaaa uuussssshhhhhh….

Affter 10 mins of sweet fucking i had my time. I knew i wont last even 5 more mins. I was doubtful whether to cum inside her or not. The sudden burst of fluids broke my chain of thoughts. Hopefully it wasn’t me. It was Nimmy who had cummed. Her love juices dribbled down her cunt with her heat fueling my throbbing cock. My thoughts of cumming inside and making her bear my seeds vanished away. With a loud moan i spurted out all my load into her and collapsed fully over her exhausted.

What a feeling that was. Wow!! It was heavenly. I have never had so much satisfaction in my entire life. The world started to fade. It was only me and my beautiful love for Nimmy that stood in my mind. I closed my eyes and lay there still. After i few seconds i found a hand embracing me. I moved my head above to find Nimmy gasping a bit slower now. I planted a kiss on her forehead and then on her lips. I lay down again and her sweet bosom and licked her still pointed nipple.

Nimmy : It is time dear. We must make a move now before people come searching for us.

Me : Am not gonna forget this in my life Nimmy. I love you.

Nimmy : You are so lovely dear. Thank you for this. Your wife is gonna be really lucky For now forget all this and lets get going.

We cleared up everything and left. The theme show was a success. We backed the second place. But my success that day was if a higher calling. We met each other at a dark corner of the parking, kissed passionately and went our ways that night. Our relationship continued for 2 more months after which she found her guilt shattering her mind and heart. So we broke it up for the good of her. Her hubby got transferred,she quit her job and moved to some other state with her family.

Wherever you are I love you and I miss you even more Nimmy.

The Lady Lecturer – Nailed And Screwed

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