Landlord enjoys beautiful wife


Before the wedding my husband and i had dreamt of going to the capital city to earn some money and only after that settle down . So a week passed since our wedding and we collected all we could possibly need including money our relatives had given us as a present and set off for the capital.

We’d lived with some relatives for three days, and then they asked us to leave and rent an apartment as far as it was possible.

We rented a one-room flat, paid for a month only hoping for a miracle. My husband managed to find a job very quickly. As for me, i started looking for a cheap room because we couldn’t afford an apartment at that moment and actually we needed it just to spend nights. I read a lot of advertisements, visited various estate offices but all that was in vain.

Once i came across with a very interesting advertisement which i found in the subway and decided to visit the place. The apartment was on the outskirts but i liked the price. Ringing the bell twice i was of the point of leaving when the door opened and i saw a sleepy strong man, who seemed to have a barrel fever. I introduced myself and said i wanted to see the room. The man enlivened a bit which made me happier and i entered.

I immediately noticed the host was untidy as everything was very dusty and a lot of cigar butts were on the floor. Anyway i went on to see the room he wanted to let to us and looked around. I asked if he could delay the first payment ‘cause we had financial difficulties; the man looked at me more interested and said:

“i can make a discount for a girl like you. I like you and a woman has a lot to do here as you can see.”

He was looking at the blotted floor, then at me and it was obvious that he wanted to ask me something.

I was smiling trying to show i was responsible. I was afraid that he could change his mind.

“what is your name, angel?”

“anita” i answered modestly.

“that’s a good name, i’m ajay kumar, you can call me just ajay. You are 18, aren’t you?”

“no, ajay, i’m 20 and i’m married.”

“where is your husband then?”

“he’s at work.”

“so, you’re going to live here with your husband, aren’t you?”


Ajay’s behavior changed a little. He sincerely admitted:

“i thought you’re single, you’re so young… i expected we could drink something and spend a night or two…”

I pretended to be silly and replied:

“don’t worry, my husband is very quiet. It seems you live alone? I can clean your room or talk to you if you get bored.”

He enlivened again.

“i’m not going to be kind if you don’t do that…”

I left after the conversation. I was glad i could find something and told my husband about it. The next day we moved to ajay’s house. Ajay liked my husband, it could probably happen because that day they drank a bottle of whiskey together.

Early in the morning i saw my husband off for work. He warned me that the host drank a lot and i should have been careful.

I decide to lie down because it was rather dark outside. I heard ajay leaving his room. I made sure if i closed the door and fell asleep.

I’d been sleeping for about 3 hours then woke up because of some noise. I got up and began looking for what to do. I’d promised to clean the apartment but yesterday i had no time to do that. When i saw him i realized he hadn’t had breakfast yet and was waiting for me. He was sitting in the kitchen and smoking. I greeted him and offered him the remains of my husband’s breakfast. He agreed, i laid the table and sat opposite him. Ajay was eating and smiling, looking at me from under the brows. I felt he was going to start talking soon and i was a bit afraid of that.

“did you sleep well at the new place? Was it comfortable?”

“it was ok, but i guess it’s a little cold in the flat.”

“no, the temperature is ok in the apartment. You were cold due to another reason. My room is right next to your bed.”

I looked at him surprisingly.

“this henna ( mehndi) design on your hands and feet is looking very pretty.”

“thank you,” i said.

“your bed squeaked only once when you went to bed. Did you sleep on separate beds?”

I looked at him trying not to be strict.

“my previous roomers used to exercise the whole night long… their bed as well as the wall was shaking…”

My mood was completely spoilt but ajay wasn’t going to stop.

“give him a hint that if he doesn’t want to make love with you i can do it for him.”

He said that in such a way that i was sure he meant every word.

The day i spend looking for a job and had little time to cook in the evening. My husband came home gloomy, something was wrong with his work, we didn’t even have time to speak about that.

The next morning my spouse didn’t want to wake me and left for his job without breakfast. He even switched off the alarm-clock to let me sleep longer.

I woke up feeling that someone was stroking me. I didn’t understand at once who it was in the darkness. Instinctively i tried to push him away but strong hairy hands didn’t allow me to do it. I choked up when realized that ajay was lying next to me absolutely naked. He pressed my legs with his ones and was telling me:

“you’ll like it, let me just warm you up..”

I was fighting as hard as i could, but he didn’t do anything bad to me, just fondled my breast and wanted to put me lower. I think he even liked my active resistance.

“you can resist but i’ll do that anyway and i won’t be so kind if you don’t stop. You know i like girls jo nangi soti hain matlab who sleep naked. Easier to fuck them. And you have got a very smooth chikni choot”.

I freed my hands for a moment and met a really big uncut prick.

“are you frightened? If you agree i’ll do it gently, if you don’t i’ll do it my way anyway until you understand you should respect ajay.”

Having realized there was no one in the apartment and the doors were locked i still hoped for something. I stopped resisting actively; he understood that and embracing me began pushing his cock in.

“i’ve told you that if you agree it’ll be better… not so painful”

“please go slower. Not so soon.” I implored.

“okay. But that means you are okay with being fucked. You are smart because you learn soon.”He stroked my pussy with his enormous hand.

“you can be a virgin, can’t you? Despite the fact you’re married. Sometimes it happens.”

I denied that immediately to stop him asking. He grabbed something from the bedside-table and squeezed it out on his very big palm. I saw him spreading that cream over the big cock. I turned away not to see that and heard:

“are you afraid? Don’t be, i’ll do it gently”

His palm caressed my pussy more tightly.

“you say you’re not a virgin, we’ll check it now…”

He put his cock head on my pussy and raising me to him kneeled down and kept both my heels on his shoulders and then slowly pushed my knees towards my breasts.

“don’t squeeze it, it is for men to make you happy, you’ll get used to my cock soon”.

Here i realized i was in his power and what would happen to me depended on him.

“please, ajay, be careful, i’m afraid of it. You have a big cock”

“say it in hindi.”

“apka lund bahut bara hai.” I was surprised why he wanted to hear it in hindi.

“every woman liked it; you’ll enjoy it, too. You should get accustomed to me. I’ll fuck you all the time now.( jab bhi mauka milega main tumko chodhunga)”

It seemed to me he was tearing me from the inside and i was ready to cry because slowly he had pushed the entire length of his cock inside my pussy and i could feel his balls at my buttocks clapping as he fucked me.

“you’re so tight around me. I never do it without a lubricant for the first time. I spared you, but you don’t spare me. I wanted you yesterday when you made me breakfast.”

Then he added “i wanted to bend you, pull your thong chaddi down to your bare feet and fuck first and then have breakfast.”

He growled and squeezed my bosom, he knew it hurt. Then he asked:

“did you fuck before the wedding with other men? Mera matlab hai ke tum shadi se pehle aur kisi se chudheen theen?”

I said i hadn’t done that. He agreed:

“i see you’re inexperienced, another one would see through me. It’s good. I’ll teach you how to act when you’re in bed with a real man… now, be patient, i’ll put you on fully.”

When he continued pushing his prick into me i unknowingly put my arms around his neck because of pain and horror.

“do you feel it well? Ajay can break you into two pieces… i’ve told you it was better do as i wanted.”I nodded expressing consent. He put me under him as if he was reluctant to do that, and began rubbing his cock over my crotch more forcefully.

“you’ll immediately become wet after this fun… do you feel him kissing your cunt?… it’s almost a soul-kiss…”

After these words and more powerful jerks i sensed the “blissfulness” i’d just heard about. Being “thankful” for his “kindness” i again put my arms around his fat neck and my breasts were so tightly pressed to his hairy chest that he told me smiling:

“tum bahut achchi ladki ho, you know how to love a man and press your tits to him”.

He raised himself and began touching my nipples with his rough ones asking all the time:

“is that arousing you?”

Without getting an answer he grabbed my bust into his hands saying:

“they are the size i like and it’s more comfortable to hold you like that…”

I felt he was crude again and wanted to free myself but he said:

“don’t be afraid, my paws don’t leave any marks, if you wash and spread some cream over the tits they’ll look as if they were untouched.”

Then he continued:

“did you think dame’s tits are kissed only on holiday?”

I tried to think about nothing and pressed my legs more tightly to stop his hunching in too deep. Remembering about the fact we were very careful with my husband about not to make me pregnant i tried to ask about that now, but i immediately felt a very aggressive push and heard imperious voice:“at the first honeymoon night a chick should get every drop of semen. And if you become pregnant – it means the night was really passionate. And if he did not make you pregnant, i will”He was driving these words in me rather than saying them, and accompanied all that with a light moaning; he experienced real pleasure from my obedience.

“well, love, i’m cumming”.

He squeezed all of my body so strongly that i couldn’t move. His tremendous mug stuck into the pillow and wheezing he started shooting his semen into me. I thought i was losing my mind. I was thinking about what was coming into my body. Knowing a little about that i thought that a minute later i would get up and rush into the bathroom to wash everything off me. But this minute didn’t come because ajay being fully satisfied was nearly sleeping. The only thing he allowed himself to do was to slip down from me and he immediately pressed me to him. Choking with strong man’s smell of sweat i fell asleep, too.I woke up because he was embracing me protectively and stroking my breasts.

“ tumko achcha laga jaise main ne tumko chodha?did you like the way i fucked you? Dard to nai hua?does it hurt?”

He moved me closer, then he touched my pubis.

“will we repeat that?”

I knew it was dangerous to object him, i raised and feeling wet sheets under me turned back. There were dark spots of blood on the sheet. I was frightened, i was looking between my legs and understood nothing. Ajay quietly touched my crotch with his thumb and asked:

“did you tell me you weren’t a virgin? Do you understand now who is your first man?”

I burst into tears being ashamed of nobody and nothing now. He drew me up to him and occupied my lips with his mouth, it seemed as if he was going to swallow me. When he freed my lips and wanted to start fucking me i kissed his rough cheek and prattled:

“let me have a rest… i’m so hungry!”

He became a little flabby thinking of his own advantage but then threatened:

“after that main phir tumko chodhunga! Don’t forget about that!”

I got up but there were no clothes around. He had locked all of them.

“rasoi mein nangi jao.go to the kitchen naked.” He barked.

I felt odd moving around the house without a shred of clothing and with his cum leaking from my pussy. I’d never cooked like that. While i was preparing food he stopped me several times in the kitchen feeling up all the parts of my body. He opened the fridge, took out a cucumber and asked to take it up the pussy. Since it was all very wet, it was not too much of a problem.

“keep it on the slab. The maid will come soon. Remain this way when she comes and act casual. Talk to her. Ask her to cut this cucumber. I too am going to my room and will emerge when she comes? then he was eating the omelet i’d cooked staring at my breasts and pressing my legs with his legs under the table and constantly playing with my payal.

“ jitna nanga tere husband ne tujhe dekha utna main ne dekha. Teri choot usne dekhi, main neb hi. Ussne bhi tujhe chodha main ne bhi. Jitni tu uski biwi utni meri bhi. I have seen you as nude as your husband. He has seen your pussy. Even i have. He has fucked you. Even i have. You are as much my wife as his.”

I nodded. “ phir aa k lund choos ke kitchen mein ja.then come, suck my cock and go to the kitchen.” I went to him, took out his cock and took it in my mouth. Gave it a few long licks like a lolly while he put his thick fingers in my pussy.

I was washing the utensils in the kitchen when the maid came. God, what would she say when she saw a young nude girl but thankfully she did not react much. She stared at the mehndi on my hands and bare feet.

“apki abhi abhi shadi hui hai. Nai dulhan ho? You have been married recently? You are a new bride?” She asked.

I nodded.

“payal to hai but bichhiya nai? You are wearing anklets but no toe rings.” She questioned.

“bas aise hi! Nahane ke baad pehen lungi. Just like that. Will slip them on after a bath.” I replied.

“bahut sunder are very pretty.” She said. “ mere saamne tum nangi ho koi baat nai but abhi ye bahar niklega tumko ajeeb to nai lagega. You are nude before me , its okay but won’t you feel odd when this guy emerges.”

I shook my head. How could i tell her that he had fucked me and hidden all my clothes. Kaise batati k wo mujhe chodh bhi chukka tha aur saare kapde bhi chhupa diye the.

“waise tumhari choot aur doodh hain bahut pyare. Ekdum kase and gore rang pe aur sunder. Koi baat nai. Your pussy and breasts are very lovely. Absolutely tight and even better on your fair complexion. No problems.” She said “ waise achcha hi hai k tum nangi ho. Tung kapron se tumhare jism pe nishan par jate. Its good that you are naked otherwise tight clothes would have left mark on your skin.

Ajay emerged as soon as she left. “i saw everything. You behaved well. She questions a lot.”

My face clearly showed that i didn’t know how to act with my husband. Ajay reading my mind was calming me:

“ i like fucking indian girls. They have these small things like payals and chooris and they feel shy too but their boobs are big, nipples thick, pussies are well shaped and tight .don’t feel sorry for your husband. He is a real bumpkin. If he understands you’d changed he’s clever enough, if he doesn’t – he’s an absolute ignoramus. And we’ll practice like we did today all the time.”

I could only answer:

“we’ve stained the mattress, i don’t think it can be ever washed.”

He gave out a horselaugh:

“if you turn it over you’ll see a dozen of similar things”.

I tried to show my character and made lips, then went to my room. He followed me.“we’ll look at it together”

His hands were around me in a tight circle.

In the evening i pretended to be ill and didn’t leave the bed. The next morning i persuaded my husband to leave the house. Before he got up i had done all the packing. Soon we left ajay’s place. It has been so long but i have never told my husband about how ajay fucked me, made me go to the kitchen naked and suck his cock. To some extent he was right. He has seen as much of my body as much as my husband has. His cock has touched all the places that my husband’s cock has.

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