My dream come true


Hi friends this is manoj, age 21 height 5.7 smart looking boy from hyd. when i’m studying 2nd year i have made a friendship with my classmate swathi.she looks nice. structure is 32-28-34. at that time my age is 18 and i have no touch with any ladies. we both use to talk to eachother and she’s very strict and maintains limit. but my intention is always to taste her. but she doesn/t allow me. after few weeks of our relation i used to take her to restaurents,movies etc,, in those mean days our relation got more strong and one day she agreed to come with me to park,i bring her to indira park in my bike. there we use to take a seat on a hut shaped some open room where all couples usually sit.then we both are in deep conversation and time become 6pm and sun is taking rest slowly the place we were sat became some dark.

A couple beside us enjoying a lot, i ;m geting a lot of temptation but when i touched her near waist she pinched me and i remove and then i just made my hand to stay on her lap and another hand around her shoulders. she just seeing me in a diffenrent talking with her i slowly made my hand to press around her neck where she moaned like sssssshhhhh. i slowly understood the initialisation part of her. my hand slowly massaged her around the neck and slowly entering slightly inside her chudidhaar. she suddenly rejected my hands,, i again made my hand like that she again suspended my hand. that day entirely spend like that only. nearly after four consecutive days we went those days same episode is repeating. we are taking same place everyday and same action is repeating. next day we changed the place. i made her to come to another place where lotz of trees are present and infront of trees there’s small wall to take seat. many couples are there and are taking seat there. after 6pm it gets dark there and all couples will make to stand by taking support of tree leaning on it. i asked my girlfriend to stand infrontof tree and i have slowly got a chance of hugging her. though shez rejecting me i slowly hugged her. after my hug entire scene was changed. she slowly getting some mood.

i slowly moving my hands to her waist and pressed there. she suddendly moaned likes ‘shhhhhhhhhh haaaaa’ i understood that she got full mood. i slowly entered my hand inside her chudidhaar. i started to lightly massage her back and i slowly used to touch her boobs with my hands. she again asked me to dont touch there but my body is out of my control/ i doesnt care her and i pressed her boobs.i touched her nipple and it is vety nice and that nipple is stiff and taken the shape of a screw. ohhh itz very nice and i pressed her boobs with my two hands and thatz a really a great experience and she became more tempting after my press of her boobs. then after i slowly made my hands to enter into her secret spot but she rejected and that day ended like that. but at that night we both are in chatting and i asked her feelings and she directly sent mesage to me saying i’m feeling something something and i understood her feelings.

After two days we both planned to bunk the classes and i made her to come to my room as my friends are not present in my room. first she is not accepted to come to room but i forced her to come . i made some special arrangement before her arrival. after entering into my room i showed my room to her later we both are in conversation to eachother. we are sitting beside eachother. i slowly made my hand around her waist and she is not at all objected. i understood that shez giving me positive signal. later i made her to roll on bed and stood on her and tasting her neck and later after i slowly enter my hand inside her dress and pressed her boobs and slowwly i raise her dress and i really shocked by seeing her boobs. those are very nice and bulging and she’s again not allowing me to suck. but i forcebly made my mouth over her breast . she hugely moaned likes ”sssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh abbbbaaaaaaa’she uttered words like ‘p;lzmanoj leave ‘ again i smooched another breast she agian moaned like ‘shhh shhhhhhhh’ then she came into my route she is got more temptated. i forcele removed my shirt and pant and also removed her pant to downher foot only. then i slowly removed her panty and observed some juice over her pussy and some hair.i really uncontrollable at that time and remove my innerwear and exposed that hard cock to her. she;s got shy and she closed her eyes and i made her both legs to get v.shape and slowly inserted into her pussy. she moaned like ” shhhh haaaaa shaaaaaaaaaaaaa’ and again and again and we both are fighting eachother and remains undefeated. at the climax stage she made sounds likes ;shhh ahhhh shhh shhhhhhh shhhh reyyyy shhh ahhhhhhh amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaa.. really thatz our first exp by eachother and i cant forget that day and realy we enjoyed a lot througout our life. she is now get married to another person and presently she’s in australia and we r in touch with eachother through mailssssss .this is really my lifestory,,

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