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Hello, my dear readers, this is Namrata, and I am back with the next part of this series. When people compliment us, it feels so good, isn’t it? I, too, feel very good and thankful to everyone who supports me through their emails.

So without delaying anymore, let us jump straight into the story. Life often becomes ridiculously boring if we don’t try to do something new. And for a woman like me who is nearing 60 years of age, it becomes dull. It often gets frustrating too.

Yes, I agree that my family members give me a lot of happiness. But we all know that we always need someone special who would make us feel special in a different way. My family members love me a lot, and I love them too. There is no doubt about it.

But there is an empty space in our lives that can only be filled by someone special. And that special person can be anyone who takes care of us. One who can make us feel important wanted, and desirable. In my case, it is my best friend’s son, Rahul.

I had never thought I would have sex with him one day. I have always loved him emotionally. But I had never thought I would be making love to him one day, moaning and groaning like a woman in sexual heat.

But it happened, and my life got completely changed. Presently I am 59 years old. I will do my best to narrate most of the sexual encounters I have experienced with Rahul. This guy has been fucking me for seven years. And it’s a very long time.

The sexual incidents I am penning down right now took place at the beginning of our sexual relationship. I will try my best to share everything that took place in these seven years.

So coming to the story, we both were unpacking our belongings in our bedroom. Rahul started placing all my sarees one by one into the closet room. Sarees of fabrics like chiffon, georgette, crepe and viscose are very thin and transparent.

These kinds of sarees feel very soft on the skin. When Rahul was placing my sarees in the closet room, he might have felt the softness of it. The thin and semi-transparent sarees definitely might have aroused him sexually. Men have always adored women who are draped in sarees.

And we all are aware of this very fact. I have experienced this thing throughout my entire life. Men used to the eye and ogled at me a lot each time I stepped out of my house draped in a saree. It usually makes a woman feel beautiful. I also felt beautiful but never pondered on it much more than that.

We can’t wear silk sarees daily, which are only reserved for occasions. But these kinds of lightweight sarees are really good for daily wear. And I also know that men find us very sexy in these sarees.

Rahul smiled a bit while carrying my sarees into the closet room. More than half of my saree collection has been gifted to me by Rahul himself. The naughty devil is not as innocent as he seems from his face.

Apart from some decent sarees, he has gifted me many elegant-looking ones. These sarees are so sexy that I used to feel their elegance even while draping them.

After placing all of my sarees in the closet room, he smilingly walked up to me. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me close to him. My breasts were touching his lower chest region.

Rahul – I think you have intentionally packed these sexy sarees to torture my poor cock out of sexual arousal. I just told the truth. Isn’t it, aunty? (He said it with a naughty smile)

Me – No, you’re mistaken, mister. I often wear these kinds of sarees. So what’s special about it?

I was slowly getting sexually aroused, but still, I was playing games with him. Suddenly he put his right hand on my pussy region, right on top of my saree pleats. He started massaging my pussy through my saree.

Me – Rahul, what are you doing? (I said it with a gasp)

Rahul – Stop playing games with me, aunty. I very well know what’s going on in your mind. You have intentionally planned to tease me by wearing these sexy sarees.

Me – Rahul, I have not. I have not planned this.

I said while moaning and gasping softly. He increased the intensity of his pace. He started massaging my pussy a bit vigorously. I was losing control. He kept asking me to admit it and rubbing my pussy on my thin saree. I could not control it anymore and finally give up.

Me – Oh yes, Rahul, I did it intentionally. Now please stop rubbing me down there. You are driving me crazy. (I said while moaning and breathing hard)

Rahul – Oh, aunty, you always arouse me to the core. You have no idea, aunty, how much I desire to make love to you. During our entire stay in this farmhouse, I will fuck you in every corner of this house. I will fuck you all day and all night long. (He said while looking deep into my eyes)

Me – You always do this to me. You always make me confess like this. Your mom has no idea that her dear son has become a naughty fucker.

I said with a bit of frustration. But my body and mind wanted more of his sexual games to be played on me. He smiled at my words and slowly made me walk backward toward the bed. He gently made me sit on the edge of the bed. He started raising my saree slowly.

He was kissing and licking my naked calves and thighs. He hiked my saree up to my hips. He then pulled my panties down my thighs and removed them. He bunched up my panties and started inserting them into my pussy. Oh my gosh, what is this guy doing?

He stuffed my purple panties into my pussy, and started lapping at my pussy lips. He used to take my swollen pussy lips into his mouth and suck them. I was leaking pussy juices like anything. He was teasing my clitoris deliberately. Each time he sucked my clit, my lower body jerked forcefully.

He then slurped my pussy fluid into his mouth. He came up to my face and locked his lips with mine. He shared my sexual fluid with me, and we both kissed hungrily. I never thought that someday I would be doing things like this. It was too sexual and intimate.

He then broke the kiss and got off from me. He removed his shorts and underwear. He stripped his t-shirt and took his position in between my thighs. I crawled backward on the bed, and we both were now in the middle of the bed.

He stroked his cock a few times with his right hand. His cock was rock hard and dangling around. He then inserted his cock head into my pussy, trying to pull my panties out of my pussy by this cock head. My goodness, from where does he learn these kinds of sexual acts?

And finally, he pulled my completely soaked panties out of my pussy by his cock head. The naughty fucker took time to do this. But at last, he got it done. Usually, the gusset part of the panties used to be wet with pussy secretions. But now the entire panty was wet. Even the waistband of my panties was wet.

He then hung my panty on his erect cock. He just plunged his rock-hard cock into my pussy. He started fucking me slow and deep. He leaned onto me, and we started kissing passionately. Soon he started ramming my pussy hard.

Just half an hour ago, I was fucked mercilessly by him. I had no patience left. Even Rahul sensed my physical condition. So he just kept fucking me hard till I orgasmed. As soon as I orgasmed and recovered, Rahul stopped fucking me.

He pulled his cock out of my pussy, and placed his mouth on my recently fucked pussy. My panties hanging on his erect cock slipped and fell from his cock. He ate my pussy for a while, and then I pulled him up by his head. I kissed him and then pushed him onto the bed.

He lay back on the bed, and I took his cock into my mouth. I started sucking his hard and erect cock. He started moaning a bit. I licked, kissed, and sucked his cock intensely. I love poking his pee hole with my tongue. And I did exactly that. His entire body shook, and he was gasping now.

I then sucked his cock hard and kept poking his pee hole with the tip of my tongue. He could not take anymore and finally blasted his cum into my mouth. I took every drop of his thick cum into my mouth and then swallowed it down my throat.

I went up to his face and just kissed him. We made out for a while and just laid there still for some time. This kind of sex must be done with the one we love. The bonding gets much stronger.

For me, sex is a special act and should be done with someone special. Casual sex is an outpour of lust and sexual frustration. It never lasts long. But when true emotions blend with physical intimacy, the magic happens. I wish to continue a bit more but am unwilling to make it too long.

Feedbacks are welcome at . I would soon be back with the next part. I thank you all for reading my stories from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, everyone.

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