Sexual Journey Between Voluptuous Aunt And Nephew – Part 7


Hello everyone. I am Manav, and I’m back to describe my sexcapades with my aunt, Shruti, and mom. Shruti aunty is a 36 years old, voluptuous young lady, and mom is a 45-year-old angel in disguise.

Thank you all for your feedback and for loving my stories. I hope the reading gets exciting as we go further into the story.

Days passed after the incident with mom catching Shruti aunty and me fucking the hell of each other. Even mom got into the action revealing that it was their plan all along to get laid by me.

After mom gave me an amazing blowjob, it was my turn to give the pleasure. But dad’s vehicle in the parking garage left us with some unfinished business.

It was Saturday evening. I found aunty and mom having some booze in my parent’s bedroom. They were already a half bottle down in booze. I went to mom, and she got up to hug me and smiled at me. I take mom to the bed and make her sit on the bed.

Mrithav: Ever since I started to understand what’s happening at home, I started to love you more, mommy.

Mom: Oh, I love you too, honey. You don’t worry about what’s happening between dad and me.

Mrithav: I feel strange. But after the night you played with my tool, it made me realize it should be me. It will be my turn to return the pleasure and satisfy you from now on in any capacity I can.

I took the glass of red wine from her hand. With my other hand, I spread her legs in a V shape. She was wearing only a long t-shirt, and it gave me a clear picture of her bare pussy. Those pink vertical lips look beautiful and delicate with a clean shave.

I poured the remaining red wine onto her pussy. I sit on the floor at the edge of the bed and move closer to her pussy. I smell her divine perfume for a second and push my mouth onto her sweet pink pussy dripping in wine.

Mom: Honey, what are you doing? It’s my wine.

Mrithav: Don’t worry about the wine, mom. Focus on yourself like I’m focusing on your pussy. You taste so good, mom!

I pushed my tongue inside her pussy and licked all over the hole. I kept sucking her pussy lips in between and pulled them towards me.

Mom: Ahhh, what’s this sensation? You seem to enjoy my pussy a lot. Ahhh. Go slow, my baby boy.

Mrithav: Do you like what I’m doing, mommy?

Mom: You are so strong, and you are doing it so well. Keep going hard on my pussy. Eat it, honey!

I see Shruti aunty engrossed in watching us drool over. But I instructed her that tonight she would be a spectator. I pushed my tongue deeper and started to move my tongue in a circular motion inside her pussy. It’s made mom go mad.

Mom: Honey, please slow down. You are all rough, and I cannot catch up with you. You are taking my breath away with your erotic tongue game with my pussy.

Mrithav: I’m sorry, mom. But seeing you like this, I couldn’t control my excitement. I’m so horny for you.

I kept moving faster. In a few minutes, mom had her first huge orgasm. Mom lay on the bed and gasping for breath, enjoying the moment. I went on top of her on the bed and ripped off her t-shirt with full force.

She was not wearing anything inside. She was completely nude, with her naked body in between my legs on the bed.

Mrithav: Mom, you are so beautiful and hot. I love your boobs, the high waist, and your perfect ass. I want to fuck you, mommy, now.

Mom: Looking at your hard dick, are you sure to get inside me, honey.

Mrithav: I’m sure I want to penetrate you full force, mommy. I only know that now.

I spread her legs and got on top of her. I placed my tool at the entrance of her pussy. I slowly rub it on her pussy to get my tool moist. With my tool on the centre of her pussy lips, I make my tool move forward, drilling her pussy lips.

I pushed my 6 inches hard and took inside her pussy in one go. Mom let out a huge moan, and I sighed in relief. Being inside mom’s pussy made me ecstatic. It was just a top-of-the-world feeling.

Mom: You are so big and completely inside me, honey. I never felt my pussy full inside. You are so tender and rough at the same time.

I start moving inside my mom in a missionary position. I was penetrating her pussy with speed and long strokes. Mom was moaning like crazy. I took mom’s face in my left hand and kissed her deeply. She tasted like dark cocoa mixed with wine. So consuming.

We kissed for so long, exploring each other’s mouths and our tongues fighting for life inside our mouths. It was damn sexy.

Mrithav: Are you enjoying, mommy?

Mom: It’s so good, honey. Keep fucking me like this. Don’t stop, please.

Mrithav: Ahh, your boobs are so good. They are quite big and soft. Let me suck them and eat them.

Mom: Ahhh, Mrithav. You are pushing so deep and hard. I cannot control this pleasure.

Mrithav: I always wanted this, mommy. Fucking you with full force like there’s no tomorrow.

I give mommy’s pussy a good 25 minutes of penetration and am ready to release the tension.

Mrithav: I’m about to cum, mommy. I feel the sensation.

Mom: Stop, honey, get off of me!

Mrithav: What? Did I do something wrong, mom?

With a confused look, I let go of mom, and she pushed me onto the bed. She got on top of me and started to ride me.

Mom: Don’t worry, honey. Let me control the rhythm. Touch my body as you want, baby, while I ride your cock.

I started to press her boobs hard and pinch her nipples. I love to squeeze them and take them in my mouth. I sucked her for so long that now she started to feel the pain in her nipples.

Mom: Yeah, baby, suck your mother’s titties a bit harder. Eat them as you want. They are all yours, baby.

Mom: Oh honey, hold a little more, and we will cum together.

I controlled very hard for a couple more minutes and let out a huge gush of my hot sperm inside her. I felt very relaxed as my body muscles started to be a little relaxed from all the action. Mom lay on my side, breathing heavily, with a look of huge satisfaction.

I looked at Shruti aunty, and she understood the assignment. Shruti aunty came on top of me and started to clean my dick clean with her small soft mouth. My tool became hard in no time. Shruti aunty gave me a passionate blowjob while I was kissing mom and exploring her mouth a little deeper.

Mom: You look so tired, honey. Do you need some rest now?

Mrithav: I’m very hungry, mommy. Please order some food. That will give me enough energy to fuck you and aunty all night.

Mom winked at me and took my mobile to order food.

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