Pennarasi My Darling


Hi all this is Harish writing a real life sexperience with office colleague  I am a SW guy working in one of the reputed organisation in chennai as a team leader age 28,slim built average looking and not a great cock like whats shown in the movies .We used to have cab pickup to office and drop back since we were supporting european counties .It all started when i saw this girl in the cab and my heart jumped a bit . She was from my area but two streets away and we didnt speak for a week .

Then she asked my mobile number so to call me when the cab comes to pick either of us first depending on the driver.Her name was Pennarasi 1 year younger than me and had hair till her waist .She had excellent structure that anyone will want to make love .She had 34 30 32 as her sizes. As days went on we became good friends since I used to take care of her till she reached home and will always drop her till she gets dropped.Even after her shift changed I used to wait for her until she comes and we used to go in same cab.

Pennarasi became open and she would share personal things such as her periods time and her old affair .One day after I went to office even though it was my off to see her she was happy and sent me a kiss sms at night and we started texting intimately. The next day in cab after everyone got down she held my hands and the holding time increased as days went by and I kissed her hands one day for which she simply smiled and got down . We were going in lift alone in office and I kissed her cheeks and she pushed me away I felt embarrased and thought she didnt like me .

Later at night she sat next to me and held my hands closer to her body and I could feel her body heat . I asked her if she will come to my home since no one was there and she agreed after a long convincing . When Pennarasi came she had her long hair waving and i asked if I can touch them which she agreed.I removed her clip and ran my hands through her hair and she said enough cos she was getting aroused … I didnt stop and kept doing the same and gave her a small kiss in neck  and left .

I couldnt control the next day in cab since Pennarasi was sitting more close to me and our bodies were overlapping with each other , we were holding hands since it was a longway to home and it was 10:00 pm she kept my hands on her lap and I promptly moved over to her stomach and she didnt expect and left out a small jerk . The next day while coming I was holding her hands and was moving my hands all over till armpit , she covered my hands with her dupatta and

I could sense her sweat in armpits and i was brusing her breasts in side .She started asking what dress to wear , how to tie her long hair and we were like crazy about each other . One day I pressed my thumb on her breast while moving in her hands and she gave me a stare .The very next day I was moving hands in her stomach and slowly moved up to her breasts and asked slowly shall i? She was heated up already and said ok and covered my hand i brushed her breasts which were bigger to feel than to see and then pressed them hard .After she got down she texted me that she liked it and we were doing it every day and one day

I took her hands and kept over my pant bulge ..She didnt know what to do and I said press mine the same way I press your top. Though this was nice I wanted to touch her body without dress and was waiting for a chance …We normally get an sumo or indica to be dropped but one day as luck would have it we got a tempo traveller and we were sitting in the last but one row and after the last seat guys got down we we started our game and since I know that the driver cant see much I wanted to go to the next level. That day Pennarasi was more hot since she had worn a blue saree as i asked and

I was already rubbing her bare stomach and she was hotter than ever. I untucked my shirt and loosened my belt and kept her hand on my rock ..Before she realised what was I doing I inserted my hand in her jacket after playing with her boobs for a while and felt her bra …then took my hands deeper and finally felt her spongy boobs. She started resisting and to make her calm I took her hand and led it inside my pant She didnt want to touch but the moment she touched my bare skin Pennarasi let her hand slide through and caught my hard penis, She said “enna da ivlo stronga irukku ?”

I was in heaven with her hands caressing my rod and she was like a prefessional playing with my balls …I couldnt control and started pinching her nipples and she was not in this world and was pulling my penis like crazy … Without wasting time I took my hand out of her jacket and slide in to her navel and then her panty . She started moaning and I started fingering her …We both had little time so I was fingering her fast and she was pulling my penis harder and we had orgasm of lifetime .I took my hand and tasted her juice and she did the same and said its salty but nice …Next part will tell how me and pennarasi made love.

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