Old Man Fucked Me And My Wife – Part I


Hi readers my name is Sreejith 33 years govt employee and my wife leena 29 year house wife. This story has been happened 2 years back when I got transferred to one of the remote village in Tamil Nadu.

This incident happened in a month of June when it was rainy season and that day I was alone in home since my wife has gone to her mother house in Kerala. It was evening and raining heavily. It was around 5.30 in the evening days was looks like near tonight. I was smoking on my veranda that time one old man came to my house drenched in rain. I was staying in a house in a isolated area. No houses or shops nearby our home. May that’s reason the old man came to my house. He was vey skinny and near to 55 or more age. He was shivering like anything I feel pity on him and ask him to get in to veranda. He was completely drenched quickly I offered him a towel to dry his hair. He was looking at me very thankfully and dried himself. I asked him about his details he said like he is 2-3 villages far his wife died and his sons and daughter in laws not entertaining him in his house so he came this village to seek and job. I asked him remove his dhoti to avoid to get fever or something he was still shivering I asked him to come inside and he can change the dress i’ll give him my lungi and shirt for time being once rain settled he can move from the house and I prepared one black coffee and offered him he was sipping it slowly still rain was getting heavy no lights were there I have a small inverter which we use for our bed room n kitchen. Then I went to my bed room and called him mama come inside and change to new dress which will help him to recover the shivering. He came smilingly and I had given one of my lungi and t shirt to him. Till this time we had closeness due to his age and poor family condition. I switch on the light and ask him to wear the lungi.

He wrapped the towel which I given in his hip and he removed his shirt then try to remove his dhoti towel while doing so its fall in down before he can manage to remove the dhoti and his towel and dhoti both fallen down and he was completely naked in front of me. I was shocked when my eyes reached to his cock. Gosh it was very huge like a snake and stretch quarter of his thighs and it was sleeping. I got astonished by seeing size and its looks very fresh compared to his age. I never had any bisexual thoughts in my life time but the sight of his cock made me freeze and my eyes were ogling on his pole. Seeing my position he got little surprised and asked me why you are looking so much. Are you seeing first time any cock. I murmur that it’s not because of first time but I have never seen such big one in my life

Suddenly he asked are you alone here I said yes my wife will come after one week. Then he wrap the lungi which I had given to him and came near to me placed his both hand on my shoulder and looking at on my eyes and asked do u like what you have seen.  I was motionless I don’t know what to reply since my heart was throbbing like anything and throat got dried like hell somewhat I nodded my head as if yes. Suddenly he hugged me and start kissing on my neck I can feel the warmth of his skinny body on my fleshy body he was kissing my ear and biting it lightly Gosh I got an erection suddenly mine is hardly 5 inch and it was throbbing from mu lungi his hands were hugging very passion and loving me like anything. I am the one always initiate love making with my wife and always dominate the session here I was melting in his hands like anything. We were still standing he was kissing all my face eyes nose cheeks n chin when he reached to my lips and started to giving me smooch wow; it was ignite my feelings like volcano he unbuttoned my shirt and removed my lungi and start feel on my cock above my underwear. Even though mine is 5 I have good erection for long time and have good thickness he was rubbing my cock above my underwear like rubbing pussy and he peel down my underwear and beginning to feel my ass cheeks very lovingly. And his fingers searched my anus hole and rubbed over there. Huh I was shivering with perspiration since this was first time somebody touched my anus as my wife never did these things to me. He was treating me like his wife .still he is in lungi and I was also hugging him.

Then he moved to bed and sat on the bed then he smiled mischievously to me and asked me to come and kneel down in front of him then asked me give pleasure to your mama. And slapped my cheeks lovingly I understood what he meant but I was hesitant to do that since I never done this in my life time. But now I m not in a mood to think much and placed my face on his lap above his lungi. He was rubbing my hairs passionately; I can feel the strength of his mammoth under his lungi. Then with sudden reaction I parted his lungi and took his long cock in my hand. Wow it was semi erected I watched it carefully like kids getting toys first time. I kissed on the tip of his cock wow I can see pre-cum are oozing out I licked those lovely juice and licked the buds of the cock then he said take it your mouth I want to feel your mouth hotness.

Then I took the cock in mouth half of his cock only in mouth and it was getting harder by harder while I am sucking I had given him a blow job of 10 minutes and finally I feel the tension of his cock and he withdrawn it from my mouth and pulled me to bed and we hugged each other and rolling on the bed our intimation was getting wild he was loving me like his wife he was very wild and kissing my face neck my nipples my naval and my cock balls everywhere I was becoming his rani for the time being after 30 minutes of foreplay he told me he is going to take my virginity and made me on my four leg then parted my anus and licking my hole. I was in cloud 9 and enjoying it very badly then he took oil from the table and poured on my anus and positioned his cock on my anus it was tight but due to oil lubrication his cobra was entering in to my anus. It’s painful still I managed to accommodate his long and big tool in my hole he inserted in slow by slow and finally he hold himself I can feel the big pole in my anus hole and the tip was touching my pleasurable points somewhere in deep of my anus. Then he started fucking me gosh. His pole motion was created amazing waves inside body I was in heaven meanwhile he rounded his hands on my hip and his both hand caught my cock down.

Now his cock was working inside my hole and my cock was worked by his hand. 20 minutes of rigorous fuck finally he was about to cum I was astonished the way of his fuck and stamina am so young compared to him still I cannot longs the way he did to me and finally he exploded in my anus and he grunting sounds like buffalo and filled my anus he subsided his speed and start relaxing above me. I was also drenched like anything and slept in my bed carrying his cock. Slowly he removed his cock from my anus and gone to kitchen and cleaned it well. I have no guts to stand he came nearby me and caressing me like his wife kissed my lips and start masturbating my cock then he gone lower of my body and took my pole in his mouth and sucked well till I explode myself a load of cum. He enjoyed of tasting my milk and hugged me tightly and we slept.

Readers after this incident He fucked my wife too. I will surely update it soon after your feedback….!

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