No-Strings-Attached Sex With Hot Roommate Girl Jessy


Hi readers. I am Sidarth. Here I am going to tell a sexual adventure during the lockdown. I am a filthy rich guy with a lean muscular body, height of 6 foot 2. I own one of the biggest suites in one of the tallest condominiums around the city.

My suite has 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms. The other bathroom is a guest bathroom which means my roommate would have to walk to and fro in her towel every time she takes a bath.

Now let me introduce the hot dame in this story.

Jessy. She is 27 now. Height 5 foot 7. Weight 60 kg gold! Stats 34DD-28-36. She has a perfect hourglass body. Jessy works in a start-up company that started in 2019. She is a sales representative and a top salesperson at that that was how she could afford my rent.

By the way, my rent is pricy. Yes, I am rich but having extra cash is always helpful. Her rent money is my spare change to spend on girls, be it regular girls, models, or escorts. Hey, you only live once!

I had my eyes on my sexy Indian roommate girl ever since I saw her in her towel coming out from the bathroom after her shower. Damn, the water droplets on her body, her wet hair, the excitement for me to drop her clothes and bend down so I could see her ass. And man, that always gives me a hard-on.

It was just any other day that morning when suddenly they announced the lockdown. I did not panic as I work from home all the time. And I have my grocery delivered. But for Jessy, it turned her world upside down. Her company after a month decided to cut their losses and close down the company. No one else was hiring. Lucky she had some savings so she was ok for a month.

My hot roommate girl tried getting a new job but she couldn’t. I gave her some time for paying the rent as I understood her position. I was being a friend. I never took advantage of women.

So, a month into the lockdown, I was getting restless. I mean, no sex is kind of difficult. So I thought of hiring some escorts.

I picked up my phone and called the manager (a high-level pimp) and he said there was no one nearby and due to the lockdown, he can’t send anyone. But he said that there was one new girl in my area and he gave me her phone number.

I called her and I heard a phone ringing downstairs! The girl picked up and I immediately recognized her voice. It was my sexy roommate girl Jessy.

I went downstairs and knocked on her door and confronted her. She broke down saying that she didn’t have any savings left and felt really guilty about not paying the rent. I was sad for her. I told her that she could have come and talked to me about it as we were friends.

Then she asked,

Jessy: Hey, how did you get that number?
Me: Well. I wanted to do a group study.

Jessy: What?
Me: Of course, to have sex! Why do you even ask this question?

Jessy: Hahahaha, funny guy. Do you have a girlfriend?
Me: Nope. Don’t want to have one either. I prefer no strings. Just pure lust.

Jessy: I see. Hey, I have been thinking. You need sex. I need money to pay for you for rental and daily needs. Right?
Me: Where are you going with this?

Jessy: Well, why don’t we have a no-string attached sex with me instead of paying rent, and when you get your groceries, just make it enough for 2. You know I can cook too.

Me: So, basically a wife without nuptial strings, eh?

Jessy: That’s one way to think of it.
Me: If you are ok with this, who am I to say No.

I was too horny to say no anyway.

My roommate girl said that she was gonna have a bath and get ready for me. I said ok.

I ate a few dates and waited for her. Then she stepped out of the bathroom with just her towel around her. I couldn’t resist it anymore. I stopped her, grabbed her and pushed her to the wall. And I kissed her lips. Jessy was caught by surprise and she started kissing me back.

I kissed her neck and her ears and that was when I turned her on. She let go of her hands and her towel dropped.

Oh my oh my!! What a body! Her skin was so smooth like butter. She smelled like daisies!

I grabbed her hips and squeezed them while kissing hard on her lips. She let out a moan that got me hard. She pulled up my shirt and pulled down my shorts. Out came my 8-inch long 3-inch thick cock. Her eyes went white. She held it with her 2 hands and stroked it slowly taking in his mighty size.

My roommate girl grabbed the base and put the head in her mouth slowly. Then I knew I was not her first rodeo! But I also knew I was her biggest rodeo.

Her blowjob was amazing. She was making me more hard. I couldn’t take it. I lifted her, turned her upside down and started eating her pussy. She screamed in excitement and started moaning. She started to suck me again.

To surprise her, I inserted my finger in Jessy’s asshole while eating both her pussy and ass. She started twitching. I knew she was cumming. I was about to explode too and busted my nut in her mouth. She drank most of it with some trickling down her juicy lips. She licked them off with her tongue.

My roommate girl lied down on the sofa and I came on top of her and grabbed her heaving breast and started sucking on both of them one by one. She had an amazing pair of breasts. I was sucking on them, leaving bite marks. I got hard again.

She felt my dick rubbing on her pussy waiting to penetrate her. I pushed my hips slowly penetrating my dick in my horny Indian roommate girl’s pussy. Her warm wet walls held on tight on my dick. It felt so good.

Jessy rolled her eyes back. I knew I had her. I started pumping her slowly till she got used to my size. She pulled me close and whispered in my ear,



I started pumping her hard. As I was pumping her, we moved to the floor and I continued to ram her. Then I switched her to doggy style and started ramming her harder. After a few thrusts, my tenant girl shivered cumming again. I was still raging to go on.

I pushed her down with a pillow under her hips and slammed down her. The house was filled with the sound and smell of sex!

I was about to cum when she said the golden words –

Jessy: I got pills. Cum inside me.
Me: Fuck yeah!

And I started shooting my load in her. We were lying down in a pool of our sweat and cum. I looked at her and said –

Me: I like this deal.
Jessy: Me too. How does ‘whenever you feel like it’ sounds to you?

Me: I love that! How about now?
Jessy: Again?!

That is it for now, guys. I have more stories with my hot roommate Jessy which I will share again based on your feedback! Take care and happy fapping, guys and girls!

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