Newlywed Indian Wife On Cruise – Part 12 (Final Chapter)


Hi readers, welcome back to our 5 nights of cruise story. We have already read what happened in the last 4 days and nights. The couple Rahul and Anju met with another couple Abhi and Neha and enjoyed the cruise together. I and my wife Anju are ready for the last day on the cruise. Whatever it may be, I assure you that you all will enjoy each moment. Till then keep showing your love to Rahul and Anju in the comments and my email.

Getting back to the story where we left off..

Rahul was looking into the phone of Anju for the pics of Vihaan which Neha said she had deleted. When Rahul opened her gallery and found that there were around 50 photos and videos of that night pool party and other events. In the photos and videos, there were Vihaan, Sahil, Jitu, and Nitin along with Anju. They were all drinking, dancing, and jumping in the pool. He could see in the photos that in rotation, all four were sometimes holding Anju by her waist, by her shoulder and sometimes, they had their hands on her naked thighs.

The shocking fact for Rahul was that if Anju got to know about Vihaan and their friends’ intentions through the naked pics of Vihaan on her phone, still she was okay to enjoy with all four of them.

But whatever, Anju was looking stunning in those pics. She was in those black glittery one-piece that exposed her high thighs and her cleavage. Her mangalsutra over the cleavage, bridal mehndi, and bangles added to her stunning beauty. In some photos and videos inside the pool, her wet body and wet hair were making him feel some tickles in his dick.

He thought that if he was just seeing pics and getting feelings, what would have happened to all those four who were enjoying themselves with his wife? Then he scrolled down to look for Vihaan’s pic and couldn’t find any. He then saw it in the recycle bin. It was also not there. He was then assured that Anju deleted those pics but was only teasing them more and more. And why…”WHEN YOU GOT IT, YOU FLAUNT IT.”

Rahul then slid inside and slept hugging her from behind. He slowly put his hands inside her top to hold her boob while he sleeps. Anju felt his hands on her boobs and adjusted and continued to sleep.

It was 6:30 am when Anju woke up first today. She removed Rahul’s hand and slid out of the bed to go to the washroom. She went to pee and then took a shower and came out in a towel. Rahul was still asleep. She smiled and adjusted her towel and removed it from her boobs and wore it on the waist just like guys wear.

Her boobs were open swinging around when she moved. She took another towel to wipe her hair and toes on the balcony. Then she felt the cold breeze of the sea on her body. She got goosebumps and her nipples got erect immediately. Then she sat on the chair with her legs on another and her hair suspended to dry in the air.

Anju was facing toward the room and her hair was outside so that it dried faster. Then she closed her eyes and remembered about yesterday. She vaguely remembered the night. She remembered that she was drunk with some drink that Sahil gave him.

Then she remembered that they all were in the pool and pulled her in too. They clicked photos and made videos with her. She could remember that sometimes they touched her boobs and ass showing it as an accident in a public place. She felt Vihaan’s hand all the time around her hips as he had already had an opportunity to see Anju nude and had felt her naked boobs too.

The last thing she could remember was coming to the room with all four of them. She remembered that all 5 of them kept their ears on Abhi’s door as they could hear the sexy moans of Neha outside. They all knew she was being fucked widely by Abhi and that was why she was screaming.

Vihaan told Anju: I wish to hear these loud moans from your room too sometime later.

Anju: Oh, really? I can make much better moans. Rahul fucks so well and does not cum too fast.

Sahil: We also don’t cum fast, you can try us tonight.

Anju laughed over it and said them bye and entered the room and stripped to sleep.

Back to the present moment, Anju opened her eyes and got up from the chair, and walked inside. She wanted to see the time so that she could wake Rahul up. She couldn’t remember where she kept her phone. Then she picked up Rahul’s phone to see the time. It was 7:45 am. She went to the closet and wore a kurti and then woke up Rahul.

Anju: Good morning, babe. Get up, we will do breakfast early today. It’s our last day on a cruise.

Rahul (leaving the bed): Sure my wife (He got up and kissed her and went to the washroom).

By the time he was back, Anju was ready in kurti with a ponytail hair. She was again as usual looking beautiful. Rahul changed into jeans and a t-shirt and looked at her and said –

Rahul: Why suit today?

Anju: Nothing, I was just feeling for a desi attire today. Why do you want me to wear something else?

Rahul: Nothing, just like that, babe. But we are on a cruise. There are so many fans of you here. Give some treat to them also.

Anju: Hmm, ok. What do you want me to change to?

Rahul (remembered Neha not wearing a bra last night): Remove your bra.

Anju: And put the silicon cups?

Rahul: No, no bra, nothing. Let it be free today for the whole day. Let it also feel free on the cruise.

Anju knew something was running through her husband’s mind. She excitedly removed her bra and wore her kurti back. They both left for breakfast. The restaurant was vacant with only some families there. There was one more couple on the corner having a meal. Rahul and Anju had their meal and left for the room. While on the way, Rahul saw the same housekeeper who fucked Neha last night near his room.

The housekeeper looked at Rahul and winked at him and went inside a room to clean up. Rahul and Anju entered their room. Rahul locked the door so that no one entered only by key card. Then Anju removed her kurti and jumped on the bed.

Anju: I have a hangover, I think. Feeling so sleepy still.

Rahul: What did you drink last night?

Anju: I don’t know. Something Sahil got from the bar. But it was tasty. By the way, where you were? Neha and I searched for you both but couldn’t find you guys. She was feeling a bit dizzy, so she left. I found Vihaan and friends, so I partied with them. Where were you?

Rahul: Amm, I.. I was with Abhi. We were playing cards in Casino. Got late there. I came to the room and found you sleeping, so I also slept (saying this, he jumped on the bed beside his sexy nude wife). And I held your boobs like from behind, pressed them, felt your nipples, and slept.

Anju got tickled in her body and she felt shy. Rahul then crawled toward her and held her and started to suck her brown nipples. She removed his t-shirt and pushed him on the bed. They cuddled naked for the next 15 minutes and then they slept. Anju was tired from last night and was also feeling sleepy. Rahul too felt sleepy so he also slept beside her.

At around 3 pm, Rahul woke up on an announcement for a couple of games on deck 6. He woke Anju up and asked that it was their last day, so today they should play the couple games. It was going to start at 3:30 pm. Anju also got up excited and freshened up and changed into a saree. Today, she was getting in whole desi attire.

She wore a blueish saree with a black sleeveless blouse with a deep neck and deep back cut. The blouse was padded thus she did not wear a bra again. She got ready and they both left for the game at deck 6. They found many couples there of various age groups. Neha and Abhi were also there. Both couples greeted each other and sat for games.

Neha was looking at Rahul and smiling. Rahul saw and smiled back. He felt something fishy and then stopped looking at her. Now, the host entered and games started. There were multiple games and it ended by 6 pm. All of the couples enjoyed themselves and started to leave now. Neha and Anju also stood up and both the couples started to walk.

Anju and Neha started to walk together and were talking and giggling something. Rahul’s heart was pumping that if Neha would tell Anju that he was not at the Casino last night because there were 3 guys Neha was enjoying, out of which Rahul was one. He told Abhi all this to get Neha away so that she didn’t tell Anju anything.

Abhi then moved ahead and held Neha to join him at the Chairman’s Club for live music. Anju wanted to use the washroom so Rahul and Anju left for the room. When they entered the room, Anju rushed to the washroom to pee. Rahul went and sat on the balcony thinking something. Then Anju came out and looked at Rahul sitting alone and thinking something. She went to the balcony and sat beside him.

Anju: What happened, baby? What are you thinking?

Rahul: No nothing. Just like that. Tomorrow, this amazing cruise will be over. What a wonderful time it was.

Anju: Yeah, that’s for sure. And it all happened because of you, my love. The cruise Idea was amazing. It is another world in itself. And your kinky ideas made it more fun and more bachelorette honeymoon types. “Sex like in a Bachelorette trip and fun like in a honeymoon trip.” Hahaha.

Rahul also smiled and winked in a kinky way and kissed her lips. It was dusk time and the night was falling.

Finally, it was the last night on the cruise. Both Anju and Rahul were sitting on chairs and enjoying the cold wind and the view outside.

Anju: So baby, what is the plan for tonight? What is planned for us in your kinky mind?

Rahul: Actually speaking, nothing planned. It’s all happening and I am just adding to it.

Anju: It’s our last night here. I wanna try something kinky. I know you will have something, my hubby.

Rahul: Ok, Amm… Shall I call Neha and Abhi over again for drinks and fun?

Anju: No, we already had that. Moreover, I don’t wanna fuck anyone else other than you, my love. That night, it happened in a drunken state. But yes, it was fun. I loved and enjoyed 2 dicks (she winked saying this).

Rahul: Then, wanna enjoy more than two? (he winked back to Anju)

Anju: I said no, I will only have sex with you.

Rahul: By the way, what do you think about the four lovers of yours?

Anju: Who lovers?

Rahul: Vihaan, Sahil, Jitu, and Nitin. Who else. You can feel that they wish to fuck you since day 1 when they saw you on the deck during the safety drill when your nipples were hard and seen in that dress you wore.

Anju: Yes, I can feel that, but is more fun to tease them and fuck them. By the way, I am your wife. It’s not easy to have me. You know, I don’t know how there were some nude photos of Vihaan on my phone. I deleted them.

Rahul: You knew that Vihaan and all wish to have sex with you and you still hung out with them and drank with them?

Anju: Ya, it felt so nice to tease and treat their eyes. Haha…I am married, dear. That foursome night I enjoyed because you too were enjoying with Neha. And I love you and you have planned so many things for me. And don’t feel that I only did it for you. I also wanted it and enjoyed it to the fullest (she kissed Rahul’s lips saying this).

Rahul: Ohh.. just got an idea for tonight. Wanna have fun?

Anju: Yes, for sure. Whatever it is, I know it will be awesome. Count me in, my love.

Rahul: Then, let’s go for dinner first and then come back and let my plan flow on the cruise.

They both had not changed, so they left the room for dinner.

The last dinner on the cruise. They went to the restaurant on deck 10. After having a good meal, they were back to their room by 8:45 pm. Rahul didn’t tell Anju anything about the plan. Anju was still in her blueish saree with the deep neck and deep back bra-less blouse. Her hair was open with sindoor in the middle.

Rahul told her to freshen up and put on her usual light makeup. She went into the washroom to do the same. Rahul left the room and closed the door behind him.

Rahul went to the bar at the pool. He knew he would find Vihaan and friends there. They all were drinking. They greeted Rahul and asked for Anju. Rahul said she was in the room. Then Rahul sat there and took a drink with them.

Rahul: I know you all have the fantasy to fuck my wife, right?

Everyone looked at each other and Sahil said: No bro, nothing like that. We just are friends and enjoy ourselves.

Vihaan: Yes, but she is a beauty and why lie? Anyone would dream to have sex with her.

Rahul: Wish to have a dream come true?

Everyone looked at each other in excitement and jumped off the chair in joy.

Jitu: You are the dude, man. Shall we go to your room? Is Anju waiting for us?

Vihaan (hits him on his back): Jitu, she is his wife, not a prostitute. Talk properly. Let us hear him out, you lusty boy.

Rahul: Yes, hear me out first. I have an offer to feast your eyes, but there are some rules. And you need to abide by it.

Sahil: What are the rules?

Jitu: I don’t fucking care. I am ready to jump off the ship even if I get to see her naked.

Vihaan: Yes, actually I too don’t care for the rule. I wish to feel her.

Nitin: Amm… I am also okay with the rules. I hope the rules allow us to at least see her naked.

Rahul: Yes, for sure. So, if you all are okay, then let’s leave for my room.

“FOR SURE DUDE,” everyone said at once and started to walk off deck 10 for Rahul’s room. They reached the room and found Anju sitting in a balcony chair in her sexy deep cleavage saree. All four of them were mesmerized by her beauty. Her hair was flying in the light sea breeze. Her ethnic look was getting deep in their eyes. The lust was coming out from them. They were dreaming to fuck this sexy sex goddess in a saree.

Anju: Baby, what are they doing here?

Rahul: That’s the surprise for you on the last night of the cruise.

Anju: But baby…

Rahul: I know what you told me. Hear me out. What I have in mind will satisfy all of us without even breaking your promise.

Sahil: Ok, tell us about the rules. We are waiting for the night to start.

Rahul: Ok, first thing, you all are our friends on the cruise so whatever happens here will finish here only. Nothing goes offshore and no one will get in contact with us or Anju at any time. Second, tonight your wish to see Anju naked will come true. But the clause is that no one will touch Anju without my or her permission.

Rahul: Third, Anju wishes only to have sex with me and no one else. So, only I will fuck her. We will have sex in front of you all. You all will be the live witness of our session. You all are free to strip naked and masturbate seeing us. Four, there will be only one common wish from you all which we both will allow you to do. But it should not be ‘to have sex with Anju’.

Rahul: And last, you all are free to make videos and click pics of us. But it should be only kept to yourself. We are trusting you guys on this. If anyone is not ok with these rules, they can leave right now.

Saying this, Rahul looked at Anju. She was smiling with excitement in her eyes.

Then Anju walked toward Rahul and hugged him in shyness. Then she kissed Rahul on the lips and again hugged him and looked at them. All of them agreed to the rules and everyone made themselves comfortable on chairs or the floor with their clothes off and holding phones in one hand and their nearly hard dicks in another.

Rahul and Anju moved on top of the bed. Anju was mesmerized by the view of 4 dicks rising to salute her beauty. Anju, with her eyes on those 4 dicks, started to feel Rahul’s dick over his jeans. All four of them started the video from all angles and also started to stroke their dicks.

Rahul removed the pallu of her saree, revealing the sexy cleavage and partial view of her boobs to all. He was behind Anju making the view of her cleavage with mangalsutra visible to all. Rahul got all her hair onto one side and started to kiss her neck. Anju started to enjoy herself and closed her eyes. She held Rahul’s hair and pulled it in pleasure. Side by side, she removed Rahul’s jeans and got him in his undies.

Rahul then turned her in force making her hair fly in a swing. Then he kissed her from the front. He continued to kiss her cleavage and moved down to her navel. He then removed her saree and left her in only a blouse with a deep neck and petticoat. He then sat down and started to suck her navel. All four were shagging vigorously and were enjoying the view in front.

Vihaan kept his phone on the table in front of them and stood in front of the bed. In his phone video, it was clearly visible that there were 4 nude viewers of the live sex, shagging the beauty of Anju.

Anju then removed Rahul’s t-shirt making him naked in undies. Rahul also united her petticoat and removed it. Now, Anju was in her panty and her blouse.

Rahul started to eat his wife Anju’s pussy over her panty. Anju opened her legs a bit giving Rahul some space to eat. She then stuck his head on her wet pussy and opened her eyes. She saw so many eyes looking at her in lust, all making videos of her beauty. She bit her lips in excitement and also to tease them.

While Rahul was eating her pussy down, she untied her blouse and removed it from the front, and held her nipples with one hand. Her boobs were in front of the 4 friends who were dreaming to suck them. All of them zoom on to Anju and her naked boobs from their phone.

Anju then removed her hand from her nipple exposing her erect dark brown nipples to all and started to pinch her nipples with both her hands looking at them. She was giving all slutty expressions to the video makers.

Rahul then came up and started to suck those brown nipples and bite them. Anju let out a loud moan which everyone recorded. Then Rahul again moves behind Anju expressing Anju’s whole naked body to everyone. He started to maul her boobs from behind and also ping her nipples.

Anju then turned and sat down. She removed Rahul’s underwear bringing out the 5th dick and saluting her. It was her husband’s 7 inches dick which she was very fond of. Without waiting, she took the whole dick in her mouth and started to suck it. She kept on playing with his balls and also sucked and licked them.

They both then lay down in bed and get in the 69 position. Rahul removed Anju’s panty exposing her light brown pussy with pink lips to every eye in the room. Anju was on the top and her asshole and pussy were facing everyone. Rahul was below Anju. He with his fingers opened up Anju’s pussy lips and started to lick it. Jitu came ahead and zoomed into Rahul licking Anju’s pussy.

Rahul was sucking her pussy lips, biting them, licking them, and also fucking her hole with his tongue. Jitu seeing Anju in this position got his sperm out. He wiped it with the tissue at the table and again continued to make video and masturbate.

Anju was in heaven. She was enjoying so many eyes on her body and Rahul’s tongue and suck were doing the rest. She, with a shiver and loud scream, got her first orgasm of the night. With full force, a jet of water came out from Anju’s pussy all over Rahul’s face and mouth.

Anju was shivering and Rahul holding her tightly. She then fell on Rahul’s dick after her orgasm. Rahul then came out and got off the bed and got her in a doggy position. Anju was facing all 4 of them. Her hairs were in Rahul’s hand pulling them behind.

Rahul put his 7 inches inside the wet pussy of Anju and started to stroke in and out. Anju was moaning loudly, “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck”. Her boobs were swinging along with her mangalsutra. All four of them were capturing this scene. They were enjoying the fact that they were viewing a NEWLYWED INDIAN WIFE in her mehndi, bangles, and mangalsutra being fucked by her husband in front of them on a CRUISE.

Rahul banged her in the doggy position for the next 20 minutes. Then he changed his position with her. While in a doggy position, he held her hair like the rein of a horse and kept on banging her from behind. Rahul also then left her long straight hair to swing along with Anju’s boobs and mangalsutra. He held her both hands behind him and lifted her front body and increased his pace of fucking her pussy. Anju kept on screaming in pleasure and got her second orgasm all over his dick and bed.

After these 20 minutes, they changed their position. Anju was now at the top and Rahul was below her. Anju’s tiredness was seen on her face. She had two back-to-back heavy orgasms. But Rahul was full fresh and ready to fuck her more. During this act, Sahil and Nitin had their culmination and splashed their sperm in the tissue in their hands. But they too were not down. They kept on enjoying the view and kept on stroking their dick. None of the 4 dicks was coming to rest. They all were saluting the sluttiness of Anju even after the sperm was out.

Anju was now sitting on Rahul like a frog and jumping on his dick. Her boobs were bouncing and bums were hitting Rahul’s thighs. The sound of thumping was echoing in the whole room. Anju was enjoying her open hair. She sat on Rahul’s dick and moved her hips to and fro while holding her hair in mixing them in pleasure. Rahul then pulled her toward him making her fall on his chest. Her boobs were pressed on Rahul’s chest and his dick was inside her pussy.

Rahul then started a full-speed fuck, tearing Anju’s pussy. He continued it for 2 minutes without stopping. Anju again with a loud moan had her 3rd orgasm of the day. She flushed out all her juice like a spray of a jet. Everyone was enjoying this in the room and all the dicks were again ready to salute Anju.

Vihaan was holding his 7-inch erect dick like a rod. Anju was seeing it and biting her lips with one 7 inches inside her pussy. He too was about to come, but he held his feelings for some more fun.

After a good fuck between Rahul and Anju for a total of nearly 45 minutes, Anju had the best 3 back to back orgasms of her life. She then sat tired but was still hanging on with her husband Rahul who was yet to cum. She started to suck his dick. Then Vihaan interrupted –

Vihaan: Rahul, you forgot your fourth rule. What about our wishes?

Anju: Look at me. I am full of sweat, what else do you want?

Rahul: No baby, we promised so we have to deliver. What do you all want?

Vihaan looked at everyone and said: I think we all will agree to my wish that, we all want to feel Anju’s boobs and cum on her body. Only this much.

Rahul looked at Anju. She winked and said ok.

Rahul: Ok, you all can feel her boobs and cum all over her body.

Jitu, Sahil, and Nitin also kept their phones at some places from where the view of them, as well as Anju, was clearly visible. First, Sahil and Vihaan came to Anju while she sat on the ground naked. Both of them held one boob and started to pick her nipple and press them. Vihaan was already on the verge of summing for the first time, so he exploded his cum all over Anju’s face. Some splash went up to the hair also.

Within no time, it was Sahil’s cum on Anju’s back. The sperm was flowing down to her bum which was tickling her. Now came Nitin and Jitu. They both also played with Anju’s boobs and nipples and in the next 3-4 minutes they exploded their cum on her boobs. Anju had cum all over her body. She stands up smiling and fully naked.

Then Rahul came to her and pushed her on the bed and started to masturbate. Anju was sucking Rahul’s nipple to make him more excited. Soon Rahul was to explode so Anju lay down on the bed exposing her brown pussy to Rahul. He cummed over her pussy. Anju then stood up and everyone took a nude selfie with Rahul and cum dripped Anju.

They all dressed up and shared their videos and photos with Rahul. Meanwhile, Anju went for a shower. She washed herself and came out naked with wet hair. All four of them one by one hugged Anju and left the room.

Then Anju came running with her boobs and bums bouncing and hugged Rahul. She kissed him all over his face saying thank you.

They both smiled and went to sleep. The bed was full of Anju’s cum and also the sweat and cum of some boys. So, Rahul shifted the heavy blanket to the balcony for the night and they both slept naked on the balcony in the open sky.

The next day, they woke up. Anju and Rahul both had a shower together and dressed up and have breakfast. The ship had reached back to Mumbai again. The CRUISE WAS NOW OVER. They both after breakfast came back to their room and picked up their luggage and left. While leaving, Amrita came and greeted both Rahul and Anju outside their room.

They left the ship and were waiting for a taxi to reach their hotel. Just then, Rahul received a message on his phone, “WISH TO SEE YOU SOON, MY OWNER”. Rahul checked the DP of the number. It was Neha.


So, guys, finally the Cruise has come to an end and the stories are the same also. I hope you have loved every part of this series and also the ending of the cruise. Please show your love for the story in the comment section as well as on my email .

I and Anju take a leave from all of you guys for now and will come back either with another such real-life experience or some fantasy. But be rest assured that all guys and girls will cum. Till then, all guys keep getting erect and all girls keep getting wet. Thank you for all your love.

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