My Master Love-locked Me – Part 1


Dear all. Thank you all for going through my stories and your patronage. Here is the follow up of my sex tour during school days. Enjoy my experiences and your comments are my strength.

The gala time we had was short-lived as Velu had to discontinue due to domestic reasons, which was making me feel miserable. But it was the continuous encouragement, support and love from sir and involving me to help him in arranging and conducting a summer camp in swimming for a fortnight that got me out of boredom. During the training, he would make the candidates lie flat on his arms, just on the water level, as a part of flipping exercise.

Sometimes, I would feel his fingers and hand would over my chest & hip, liberally and hold me close to his hip ( my imagination?) I even used get roused at his nearness. I felt safe and comfortable in his company. It so happened that my parents had to visit the ailing uncle in Trichy Govt. Hospital and since I did not want to miss my classes, sir offered to be my guardian till my parents returned in the evening. They left on the following morning, quite relieved, instructing me to not to disturb master unnecessarily.

Raj sir, 28 yrs old, 5′ 8″ tall, a bachelor with gym toned body, strong biceps, with attractive features and pleasing manners. He was a multi-talented person of being my class teacher, our P.T. Master, very good sportsman (outdoor & indoor games) and head of cultural association in the school His love for my mom’s cooking and frequent visits to my house made my parents consider him as one of our family. Raj sir came home with me in the afternoon after the day’s training and we played three games of chess ending with a win for each and third decider game, in a draw! As we were informed that my parents would be returning only around midnight or so, sir went to his house and returned within an hour, clad in track pants and sports shirt, looking fresh, smart and nice.

He was having a sports magazine with him and informed me that he will keep me company till my parents returned. I was happy and at the same, guilty to disturb him. “It’s ok, boy, don’t have to be that formal”, he said and went to the bathroom. I was seated on the sofa and took the magazine to have a glance, unaware of the future shock. Something from the book fell on my lap. I froze on seeing the same missing book of Velu (over which we even had fought few times!). I had butterflies in my tummy and hearing his voice; I tucked it inside the magazine quickly and replaced it on the table, wondering how the master got it. He came back, sat near me and said,” You are a good boy. You must answer my question directly and truthfully, OK?” I nodded my head in confusion.

Suddenly, he pulled that book out of the magazine and asked, “Where did you get ‘this ‘adults only’ book. I found it in your exercise notebook. We are alone now, so tell me the truth, I promise I won’t tell anyone”, patting on my back. I told him the truth including my affair with Velu and begged him that I would do anything for him to keep it as secret. His face softened a bit and continued, “So, you saw the pictures and are aware of sex”. I hung my face down in shame and guilt, with my mouth drying up in fright. “Alright, here is the deal. I want you as my partner tonight and enjoy with me, yes or no?” he asked. I was stunned at the deal (the feast I wanted is being served in a gold platter for me, and how can I refuse it!), I agreed feeling happy in mind. His face brightened and eyes sparkled, his mind jumping with joy!

At about 9 pm, after locking the front door, he led me to the bedroom, hugging me from behind, his palms over my fleshy chest and was asking me how I would like to be treated him for being honest and truthful. I looked at him, in confusion, when he laughed and whispered, “I love you and want you”. I found a big tent in his pants, poking my bums and indicating that he was already horny. I was bold now to tease him, “after the chess game, time for sex game, sir?” “You naughty boy, you know it well and what are we waiting for?” he asked me impatiently and kissed on my cheek. With my dream man by my side, I slowly removed his shirt and the sight of his smooth, shiny, sexy, muscular body in the dim night lamp made me gasp. He could not resist anymore and hugged me tightly. “That’s my lovely boy. Go ahead and take me to the paradise of love, ok?” he roared. I became bold and said, “sssshhhhhh, no talking, only action. You are looking great and sexy. I love you too”.

He pinched my chubby cheeks again and said, “At your service darling, go ahead”. I buried my face in his smooth, almost hairless chest (only a long streak of hair from the chest over his bellybutton & the pubis) which was already hot and his hot breath hitting my cheeks. I felt a vibration in my groin and heat building up in the cockpit. “How about a French kiss, my love”, he suggested. I was surprised, but he put it into action. We were glued together for more than 15 min, stark naked and our hot bodies rubbing against each other. With our lips locked our tongues explored mutually and cocktail of our saliva.

I made him feel quite excited, by licking his chest and pinching his dark, yet very pretty nipples, when he moaned loudly. It was a clear indication that he was getting roused fast. My hard and feverish sucking of his big, perky nipples, occasionally pinching and biting them made him, go wild and kick his legs in delight. Leaving his torso wet with my saliva, I buried my nose in his armpit, full of dark, bushy hair with striking and intoxicating scent, making me excited this time. I enjoyed it totally and was mesmerized with every bit of his beautiful and strong body. His eyes were half closed, enjoying and awaiting my next move.

My palm traveled down to his love machine and held his throbbing monster dick in my hand. My eyes widened and gasped at the size of his penis. It was dark brown, very thick and long, big mushroom head, measuring easily 8″. I was so amazed and was staring it, but came to senses only after sir pinched my ass cheek I continued to rub the shaft gently, at the same time, caressing the shiny head, wet with oozing precum with my index finger and licking it like a sugar candy.

He straightened me up, his lips on my chest and was busy licking my nipples which became hard and red with his voracious sucking like a hungry kid. I pressed his head to my bosom, in ecstatic pleasure, and making all sorts of sounds. He told me that my boobs and nipples were the best he had tasted so far. He told me that he would prefer a parallel (now known to all as 69) cock sucking session to keep us busy.

When I blinked, he asked me to lie over him, with my mouth towards his pubis. I now understood it and we had a pretty long session. He commented that not only my body is supple and wonderful, but also my cute and sweet cock. Without answering him, I tasted his stiff manhood and the honey sac. He was thrilled and was trying to mouth fuck me in full speed. At times, it was gagging me and took time to breathe. Occasionally, his index finger was digging into my asshole through the ass crack and exploring the cave, which I felt strange and quite odd.

Nearly one hour after the initial play and blowjob, he asked me to jerk his boner, him jerking mine. My slow pace of shagging became fast, which triggered his orgasm, and he shouted, “Oooooooooo, aaaaaaahhhha, mmmmmmmmmm, don’t stop. Put in your mouth and I’ll do the rest”. After 10 minutes, his body turned stiff, arched, and his uncontrollable trembling indicated that he had reached the climax. Before I could realize, the hard shaft gave out jets of his sperm juice, filling my mouth and some dripping through the corner of my mouth. It was the first time, I tasted his hot, thick, copious jelly-like cum, most of which fell out of my mouth on my neck, chest area & tummy. He fell on me quite exhausted, but his cock was still semi hard and lively!

He opened his mouth and made me mouth fuck him with my little bro, holding my hip to make gyratory movements. Suddenly, I also reached the climax and wanted to withdraw, but he insisted I ejaculated my love juice in him only. My nectar was more or less like a watery juice and less in volume. He gulped the whole lot and commented that it was very sweet like me! I felt a high voltage current striking me from top to toe. It was an amazing feeling.

We washed ourselves and returned to bed to sleep, still naked, with him hugging me tightly and teasing my lips and nipples. Not getting sleep, I looked at him and asked how did he enjoy and what made him think of me for it. He replied, “I had a thirst for you the day I saw you, but your feminine get-up during the school day celebrations was the most bewitching sight that got me a hard on and high mood to feast on you. You know, Velu matter was only a bait to hook you. Now that I got you, I’m more than happy and contented.

Now, I want more of it from you, dear”, he said. I also told him how I was mesmerized by his strong body & his attractive features and how I was eager to enjoy with him. I asked him why he was digging his finger into ass crack and tease my asshole. “Well, you better wait for our next meet. You’ll learn more, OK?” Both of us got into the mood again, but decided otherwise. Before dawn, we had one more session of exciting lovemaking. My parents returned by 7 am. When my dad asked sir whether I behaved myself, he told that he had absolutely no problem with his little brother(pointing to me), looking at me mischievously. In all, that night was a most memorable and awesome one. Soon, we met again and I learnt more of sex play that will follow soon.

Thanks to all the ardent fans for reading this.

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