My Assistant Kanika Lost Her Virginity To Me Soon After Her Marriage – Part 2


I am Raj, 31 from Hyderabad, working for and famous MNC as a regional head, 5’9″ height with average built body, I like meeting and having safe sex with mature, married or single women(any female who wants to have a good time in bed),

This is a continuation of my previous posting My Assistant Kanika Lost Her Virginity To Me Soon After Her Marriage, I would try to explain everything in detail about my encounter with Kanika and how we got closer to each other and how she convinced me to tag along with more of her female friends, so I request you all to be patient and enjoy it and do read till the end and keep imagining the scenes, so coming directly to the sex story.

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To understand this part I kindly request the readers to read the earlier part 1 and then continue with this one.

After our first encounter, we both were deeply involved in to having safe sex with each other within the office, hiding from everyone’s sight, so one fine day at work, it was a busy day with too much work load and I had a headache due to all the stress, Kanika sensed it and went to the remaining staff and gave them the work briefing, and asked them not to disturb me for a while as I am unwell and resting for a bit, and if anyone has anything to say, better to ping her on her office PMS and clarify their doubts, the staff agreed to it and kanika came into the cabin and locked it behind her.

She walked slowly towards me, shut the file I was working on, stood behind my chair and started massaging my head and asked me to relax for a bit, I relaxed myself on the chair and she was massaging my head and running her fingers through my hair, and then she came and sat on my lap in the chair and was rubbing her ass over my thighs and dick and was gently caressing my face, her actions were relaxing and arousing me at the same time, I kept holding on to her hips and kept gently squeezing it.

she had a wickedly naughty smile over her face and she also kept blowing air gently on my face, I moved forward and kissed her lips gently, taking her lower lips into my mouth and sucking them deep and gently biting them, and my hands kept caressing on her back, over her ass and slowly moving her skirt up and pulling her legs on both sides of my waist.

Now we both were madly kissing and caressing each other, while I unbutton her shirt and slide my hands in and grab her beautiful breasts from over her bra and she takes her hands down to my dick and starts to rub it over my trousers and unzips it, kanika was getting wilder by the minute and starts rubbing her panty covered wet dripping pussy on my dick, she pushes her tongue into my mouth and rubs it over my tongue and I keep sucking it.

Later I move down and start kissing and licking all over her cheeks, her earlobes, her chin and making my way down to her neck and shoulders, kissing and biting, and further down to her breasts, she keeps moaning softly so that the moans don’t go out, and I pull her bra down and start kissing and licking her breasts, rub the tip of her nipples with the tip of my tongue and suck it really hard and deep.

Kanika keeps losing her control and she gets off me and pulls me off the chair and moves the chair away and strips herself naked and trips me too, then she turns around and looks into my eyes, and I hold her by the waist and pull her closer and hug her tightly our naked bodies rubbing against each other and we kiss passionately and wildly again.

we keep exploring each other bodies and assets with our hands running all over each other’s bodies, I caress all over her naked back and come down to grab her ass cheeks and then moving up to her breasts and nipples through her hips and belly, caressing and squeezing those huge and soft breasts and ass cheeks felt like a was holding on to a brick of butter in my hands and it would melt out on squeezing, we both were getting more hornier and wild by every passing minute.

Then Kanika turns around and leans on my desk and her back is facing me, and I hug her from behind and kiss and lick all over her bare back from upper back to lower back gently running the tip of my tongue all over her spine and she was getting weak on her knees due to the tingling sensation she was feeling, and I go down kissing and biting her ass cheeks and then lifting her leg and keeping it on the side chair and pushing my tongue over her pussy, Kanika quickly grabbed the cushion from my chair and dug her face on it so that her moans don’t come out and was biting it.

I kept licking and sucking her pussy lips and kept torturing her, and then got up and positioned myself behind her. Kanika completely leaned over the table with just her legs on the ground and her entire body from the abdomen and above was flat on the table, so I caught my dick and started rubbing it on her wet dripping pussy.

It was too much for her and she said sir, please don’t torture me so much, please quench my thirst and give me a good bang, please sir, so I don’t make her wait much and thrust my dick into her wet pussy, it was so soft and went that I went inside in a single thrust and she was biting the cushion harder and gasping for breath, and I grabbed onto her breasts and slowly started pumping her pussy from behind and slowly we got into rhythm.

During all this she already had her first orgasm, and second was building in her, and my hands were squeezing her tits and pinching and pulling her nipples and pounding her harder, deeper and faster and in between kissing and licking all over her back very gently, finally she had her second orgasm and was relaxed a bit and I was also on the verge of reaching climax, and with a really deep, hard and strong stroke I climaxed, and lay over her back catching my breath with my dick still in her and our naked bodies rubbing on each other.

Slowly kanika moved the cushion from over her mouth, panting trying to catch her breath, said, sir… you’re the best, way better than my useless husband, you always quench my thirst in a perfect way, then she slowly said, sir I would like to ask you something, I said, sure go on ask what you want to… she said sir it’s more of a help that i need from you, actually it’s not for more, it’s for my best friend, she desperately needs help, and in my mind, only you can help her best, then i said, fine, sure I will help her, she’s your best friend, and ask her what is it that I need to do for her, we both can work it out together for her.

Then she said, sir, we need to save her marriage, it’s almost on the brink of coming to an end, and if we could do something we can save her married life, but you will need to put some extra effort as she is very shy in taking help

I was a little confused on what does she want me to help her friend with, so I ask her, kanika, please be clear and in detail on what is to be done, and then she explains me that her best friends husband is impotent and they can’t have a baby and her best friends husband and family are blaming her friend for this, and if I could get her pregnant with me and give her a child it could save her marriage life, and the husband would think it’s his child.

Now it was weird for me and I was in a two state of mind on what to do and what not to, as I have never done such a thing, but on the other hand want to help that girl out to save her marriage as well.

In the next part, I will continue with what decision I made and what was the outcome of it.

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