Love and lust


Hi friends i am anuj for the first time on iss writing my experience. I have read a lot of stories and liked some of them which actually encouraged me to write. Thanks to all of you. Well before going to story i must confess one thing this is a real story which happened just a month ago and its all about love and lust. So please read it carefully and if you like it then please feel free to get in touch with me. Me anuj 28 years old now and working in an it company i enjoy my work and earn a handsome salary and quite famous and popular amongst.

My friends and colleagues. Let me tell you something which happened 2 years back as it’s necessary to tell you. I had a relationship with a girl who broke with me because of her family and i was very upset and lonely. When i joined the company i had no clue what’s going to happen next. First day when i enter into my office and in my bay i saw a beautiful girl that’s actually an insult to her. She was looking gorgeous in fact she is. Height 5’6 attractive figure and lovely smile. She was fair in complexion and had amazing and tempting assets. You know when you are broke and lonely you require these kinds of medicines for cure. From that day i used to go to the office with full energy and enthusiasm. But i got hurt when i came to know that she is married and have one kid. You know it’s really hard to believe but she looked like a girl of 24 or 25. Days passed and i never had a chance to talk to her. I was quite shy and did not try to talk to her. My love at first sight was over as she was married and looked quite happy. Still i did not break and went away. I used to watch her every time she bends to collect any file. She was so sexy i can’t tell you her stats are 36’28’34. Perfect figure with fair complexion made her more tempting. Let’s come to the story now one fine day something happened which made her talk to me as her job was on stake and i had a good rapport with my boss so she didn’t find anyone else apart from me to save her. I was astonished as for the first time i had a conversation with her. Finally i saved her and she thanked me and started talking to me. We came very close and became good friends i used to be with her most of the times. In the meanwhile i noticed that she used to touch me a lot might be she did nt have any wrong intention but those touches used to make me so hard i cant explain. I tried to control but it was out of the way. One fine day she was chatting with me and sitting very close to me my elbow was laying on a table and she bend towards it. Oh my god my elbow was touching her melons and i got sensation in my body but she was behaving very normal and those were the moments when i thought to suck her from top to bottom. After that i used to touch her and she never felt bad might be she thought that it was not intentional. Days passed and we came very close to each other. She used to tell me a lot about her husband and family and i used to appreciate her contribution to the family. She used to smile at me which actually made me horny at times. One day something strange happened i was sitting on my desk and she came. She told me to go with her i followed her. On the way i came to know that she has sent wrong data and it’s possible that she might lose her job. I shouted at her and scolded her for that. She used to send that file to me and my manager. I checked it and i came to know that she did so to earn more incentives. She told me the reason as well and i asked her to go home and think what to do. She went and in the night she called me and cried a lot. I tried to console her and promised to save her job. Next day was our off and i was at my home. Around 4 pm i got a call from her. She asked me to meet her and i agreed. We met in a restaurant and spoke about data. She looked very sad and asked for help. I promised for the possible help. By 7 she asked me to drop her i went with her and she invited me to come at her place. I refused as i knew that she was married but she told me that her husband was not at home as he went with his son to meet his parents. I went inside and sat on the sofa. She was looking very sexy on that day. She was wearing black sari and sleeveless blouse. I was staring at her melons. She was sitting very close to me and suddenly she placed her head on my shoulders, i didn’t mind as it was usual. As her head was on my shoulder i was able to see her cleavage. I was not in my senses and i think she noticed that. She asked me what happened i told her nothing. She asked me do you love me. I was shocked as i didn’t expect this. I said no, she said don’t lie to me i have seen your eyes which always look for me. She smiled and said don’t worry it happens. She wrapped her hands around my neck and gave a peck on my cheeks. I didn’t do anything and she came very close to me and placed her lips on mine. They were so warm and soft like rose petals. I also kissed on her lips. She opened her mouth and started sucking my lips, my eyes were closed as i didn’t know what to do. But she made me comfortable and allowed me her lips. I started sucking her lips. Her lips softness was making me hard. Our lips were locked and we were exchanging our saliva. She asked me to come in the bedroom i followed her. She said can you wait for 10 minutes, i agreed after 10 minutes she came in the bedroom another surprise guess what she changed her clothes and you can’t imagine better than that. She was wearing a black top with deep cut and micro mini. She was looking so hot i cant tell you then she smiled and opened her hair. She came very close to me and brushed her boobs on my lips. Aaaahhhh what a feeling that was i pulled her and took her lips in my lips. Again we started sucking each other lips. Her melons were crushing against my chest and i was getting a hard on. I licked her neck and moved my tongue on her cleavage. She pressed her boobs on my face and i sucked her cleavage hard. Aaah yes anuj please suck harder. I want your lips oh yes please do it. I placed my hands on her top and started fondling her boobs. Uff her boobs were perfect she moaned aaahh. You like them anuj yes i love them i said. Do you want to see. Yes pls. Wait let me open them for you. She removed her top and showed me her tits in bra. Her transparent bra was showing the nipples and her skin. I encircled her nipple over the bra. Oh yes anuj please touch them. Aaahhh yes anuj do that again.. I placed my tongue on her bra and started licking it. Anuj don’t tease me more pls mere boobs ko dabao na. Nikalo inhe bra se, nahin tina tum nikalo ok and she pulled her bra and showed me her boobs. Unforgettable moment of my life the best pair of boobs was in front of me. Straight and firm with pink hard nipples. I touched her nipple and she moaned loudly oh anuj please suck karo inhe pls karo na. And she pushed her nipple i licked her nipple and teased it with my tongue. Aaahhh anuj suck me please. You want that please suck karo na. And i took her nipple in my teeth and bit on it. Aaahhh yes aur karo anuj i bit on her nipple tip again and she moaned again and begged me to suck, i took her nipple and started sucking it like a baby. Aaahhh anuj please zor se chuso oh yes mera baby ban jao. Inhe dabao aur chuso aaahhh anuj dosre ko bhi piyo na. Aaahhh i love it aur chuso. I was sucking her nipples and they were growing in my mouth. I was getting very hard and so was her. She was moving on the bed and suddenly she opened her skirt and placed my hand on her panty. I checked she was wet. I moved my finger on her panty and she moaned again aahhh anuj lo chuco zor se mere nipple ko haan aaahh yes pls andar dal do finger panty ke. Aahhh haan karo na. I was touching and rubbing her clit with my finger. Aahhh anuj yes pls go down i want you down i removed her panty and licked her clitoris. She was not able to control and pusher her vagina in my mouth and moved. Aaahhh i am coming anuj… aahhh are wonderful anuj i never had such kind of orgasm in my life. And she kissed me again. I was very hard and again started sucking her nipples. Aaahhh anuj yes and she placed her hand on my jeans. She asked me to remove and i did the same. As i was removing my jeans she jumped from the bed and sat on the floor. She removed my undies and touched my penis. I was very hard and quite big. Anuj you are huge man.. Aahhhh let me check it and she placed her tongue on my penis tip licked my pre cum. She was making me crazy her soft lips were making me more hard and i was trembling. She made me comfortable and started sucking my penis. Ufff tina aaahhh. Anuj please come in my mouth aahhh i love it anuj. Then she went on the bed and asked me to come over her. She placed my penis in between her boobs and asked me to move from one end i was stroking her cleavage and on the other end she was licking my penis tip. It was wonderful and i pushed my penis in her mouth and squeezed her boobs very hard. Aaahhh anuj please fuck my mouth oh yes come.. And finally i came. My semen was on her tongue and she sucked it and licked my penis. Anuj i am very happy today as i made love to a person who loves me the most. Tina i love you a lot and we hugged. After 15 min or so we started kissing again and she asked me to suck her nipples. She was making me hard again by pushing her boobs in my mouth… aaahhhh anuj yes suck them bite them. Eat my boobs. Oh tina your nipples are so hard yes anuj for you pee jao mera dudh. Anuj please chuso haan aur jor se. She touched my penis and said oh god you are huge anuj i need you inside me please … she asked me to enter and i placed my penis tip on her vagina. As she was wet didn’t find any problem going inside bit i saw some pain n her eyes while entering.. Aaahhhh anuj yes i started moving inside her , all that time i was squeezing her butt and boobs. She came on top of me and fucked me hard. Aahhh anuj i am coming and she had another orgasm. I made her turn around and i entered from behind ohh yes anuj fuck me fuck me please oh yes. Dabao mere boobs haan please…aaahhhh tina i am cumming haan aa jao mere andar… aahhhhh and i came. I cant tell you but i am sure i came again and again. She was tired and kissed me again.

Guys this was a real incident and after that we had more encounters but the first meeting was incredible. Please do write your comments and any girl or any unsatisfied married women contact me for complete private chat and communication…my email address is

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