Fifty Shades – The Beginning


Hey guys. This is Animesh back with a new story this time. This story was submitted by one of my followers. So here it goes.

‌My name is Tanya. I am doing my engineering at Bangalore. I wouldn’t brag about my physique ( its 30-28-32). This story is about one of my real adventures that I had with a friend whom I met on OKC( ok cupid). I created an id there just for sake of browsing and fun and used to get a hell lot of messages (perks of being a female). I came across this guy who was also from Bangalore. His name was Arya. He kinda had his way of flirting from starting itself which caught my attention and we started to chat regularly.

One of those times we were talking at midnight and he started teasing me about my love life and how is it boring and asked me if I have watched the new trailer of fifty shades of grey and whether I liked the first part. I told him that it was pretty romantic and none of the Indian boys are like that. Then he said, ” only if I get to show my talent and if my partner agrees, she wouldn’t be saying so.” I asked him, ” if you are so romantic, why are you still single”. He said that his ex couldn’t cope up with him in bed and they gradually drifted off.

At that time I was also going through a rough patch in my relationship and I told him that if you had one right now what would u have done? He took the hint and we that was beginning of our first phone sex.

He asked me what was I wearing? I told him, ” top and shorts”. He told me that I had to things that he would ask me to do and I agreed. He told me to bring clips, rope, ice, and banana. I was already horny and my mind started running with the things that he would make me do with those things. When I came back and locked my room he told me to open my nighty and go balcony totally naked. I told him that I can’t go as there were buildings nearby anyone would see me. He told that ” it’s 12:30 am. No one would be outside. Just go. If you are too afraid u can wrap a towel and go put your nighty in drier strings.” I suddenly began acting like his slave. I undressed and wrapped a towel and hurriedly put my nighty out and came back. As soon as I came back he asked if I liked it. I couldn’t deny the thrills running down my vein. His next question was that if I wearing my bra and panty under the towel when I went out. I told him that he just told me to put the nighty out. This time he told me I had to put my bra and panty on drier ropes. I did as he asked me to do. The cold air made me much hornier and my pussy started to get wet. And he was like he could read mind and told me not to touch my self unless he says so.

Then he said,” take off your towel and lie on the bed totally naked and don’t use blanket or sheets to cover yourself. Take the clips and put it on your nipples.”. I opened my towel and lied on the bed and put those clips on my nipples. It hurt too much but I did it anyways. He asked me to,” take the ice and slowly slide it from your upper lips to your lower lips. Then rub the ice around your thighs and slowly move the ice along the line that connects your pussy and ass. Then rub the ice around your pussy but not on it”. I had goosebumps just hearing that. I slowly moved the ice from my lips down to the neck then to my breast and then to my navel. By then I started shaking a bit. I slowly moved ice to my thighs and through that line and I rubbed it on my pussy.

When I told him that I have rubbed it on my pussy he told me that, ” you have acted against my instructions and now you would get punished. Give your clip cladding nipples a twist and lay on your stomach. Spank your self 10 times on your ass.”. I twisted my nipples and spanked myself. My nipples became hard as rocks and my pussy was leaking juices that trickled down to my thighs. Then he told me to tie my legs to both ends of the bed and spread my legs in full glory. Then he said,” peel the banana and slowly rub it at the upper area of the pussy. Then slowly rub it all over your pussy such that it becomes wet with juices coming out. Then when the ice cube has become tiny, insert it into your pussy and use the banana to push it deeper. And use a banana as you to make yourself cum. “. I started rubbing banana around my pussy and I became horny as hell. The head of banana was totally wet with my juices. By then the ice cube had become very tiny. I inserted it into my pussy and used a banana to push it more. I could feel the coldness inside me and I started rubbing the banana furiously like a vibrator. It wasn’t long before he said he was about to cum and I told him that I needed a few more minutes. I fucked myself with that banana and that banana started to break. I started using my other hand to rub my clit and soon enough I cummed. We both drained ourselves and he told me to take rest and sleep as it was about 2:30 am.

After that time we had such encounters a number of times which I would share another time and we decided to take this to next level if we meet in real life.So this was the one of the hottest and bolding encounters that I had to date.

So this was the story of one of my followers that she shared with me yesterday. Hope you guys liked the story and I would try to take the story up a notch next time.

I would be glad to receive feedback and response or if anyone wanna share their experiences, drop a mail on .

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