Crossdress Sex With My Driver


Hi my name is Sunil(although I preferred to be called as Sunita). I 29 and I am a beautiful cross dresser with very nice body. I own three beauty parlor in Delhi, and most of the times I am dressed as a girl. I go out wearing woman clothing and no one can say that I am a boy.

Now coming to the story, one day my old driver called me saying he is sick and so he is sending his son to do the duty for a couple of days. That day I was dressed in a pink tight salwar kamiz, when the door bell rang. I opened the gate to find a very handsome guy on my door. He said he was the drivers son. And God he was handsome, tall and fair with excellent manly body. My little cock started twitching inside my panty as soon as I set my eyes on him. But as I was getting late, I asked him to take out the car and we left immediately. When he was driving I was constantly looking at him and thinking about how how great it would be if I explore his body. I knew I have to get fucked by him.

After completing my work at the parlor we drove back home. I invited him inside the house for lunch. We chatted while having lunch. He was studying in 2nd year college and had no girlfriend. He didn’t know that I was a boy, when I told him the truth,he looked shocked. He said I was too beautiful to be a boy.

After lunch, he said he will be waiting in the car, but I asked him to sleep on the sofa. He got asleep in the sofa, and after a while he was deep asleep and I don’t know why but he was getting hard. It was making me horny too as I came closer and touched his cock. It was thick and was bulging hard in his pants.

I started moving my hands over his pants and it continued growing. I slowly unzipped his pants and I removed his underwear to find a 8 inches white thick cock. I had never seen such a white cock, but as soon as I took his cock in my mouth he woke up. I got in a kinda fix, and he quickly put his cock inside his pants, and hurriedly left the room without saying anything. I was left hungry.

At evening I again took the car out, but this time we didn’t speak a word. I went to one of my friends place and got some MDMF drugs that are used for getting someone horny. At night, after getting home I invited him saying I wanted talk something about the incident. He came in very shy and timid. I said I was sorry and that he shouldn’t tell it to anyone. He agreed on it and I said I will make some tea for him. I mixed the drugs in it and he drank it, and I said he should stay for some time while chatting.

I started to discuss sex. He was feeling shy. He asked me larko ke sath kaisa lagta hai, & I directly touched his cock which was already hard.

He hesitated first, but he already too high on the drug and his cock needed fucking. I slowly came closer to him. His sweat smell was making me horny. I took his hand and wrapped myself around with it and started kissing him.

He said “par ap to larke, maine Kabi larke ke sath nahi kiya”

I said “main tumhare liye larki ban jaungi”

I took out his cock from his pants. I was delighted to see the sight of his cock, so white, so long and hard. He was touching me all over my body. His expression suggested he was really enjoying my soft body.

I started kissing him deep, and removing his t-shirt. Then I knelt down opened up his pants and started sucking his cock as he moaned hard. I started getting undress, I removed my salwar kamiz and I was just in bra and panty. He looked at me with lusty eyes. He pulled me forcefully towards him and started sucking and biting me all over my soft body.

He removed my bra and started sucking my soft nipples. Now my little 4 inches cock started getting hard and I told him to suck my cock. He was hesitant at first but then he kissed it and started sucking my hairless small cock. While he sucked my little cock, I was stroking his 8inch tool with my hand.

We reversed our role as I sucked his cock and he stroked my little cock. I got some lube out of the drawer and applied it on his cock and also all over my ass. I knelt down on the sofa and started giving him a blowjob while he was fingerings my ass.

He said “madam aap to larki so bhi achi ho”

I said” tum mujhe Sunita bulao ”

I sucked his dick for almost half and hour. He was huge and my little sissy mouth was just barely able to take all of it. After a while He cummed in my mouth, I drank all his juice as he held my head and inserted me deep in his cock until the last drop was empty.

Then We went to bedroom. We both were completely nude as we started exploring each others body.

He said” Sunita teri body bari soft hai, larkiyon jaisi”

We were now lying hugging each others, and our cock touching each others. He was growing hard again. We played with our dicks. Mine looked really smaller compared to his thick hard cock.

We now got into a 69 position, he was hard again. We sucked each other cock for 20 minutes. After that I asked him to insert his cock in my ass.

He said “mere pas to condom nahi hai”

I said “yahi to fayda hai mere sath, vina condom ke Kar sakte ho”

He slowly inserted his 8 inches fair cock slowly in my ass, and then started fucking me in doggy position. I started moaning hard as he started fucking me harder and harder. He fucked me for 40 minutes until he came up in my bubbly ass.

I asked him to call up at home and say he has got duty whole night and he won’t be coming for the night as I knew he will grow hard again due to the drugs. He was horny too, and so he did what I said. He got all hard again after some time. That night we fucked 6 times. He came all over my mouth and body different times.

For the next 3 days, we fucked many times in my car, at my parlor and other different places.

I am a true cross dresser and any handsome hunk with big cock can contact via my email

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