Brutal Brothers – Part 7


After we came back from the horny holiday mom was supposed to be but she didn’t and decided she would stay there for another month and that was a feast for my brothers, that month I had worst and best time of my life I had finally started to enjoy all the fucking my brothers and their friends gives us during that month I was used like anything always naked but ,in the middle of the month the worst thing happened my brother used me to clear his debt of 50000 Rs form a goon where I was fucked to my limits in both natural and unnatural ways paraded naked, beaten and many more things I’ll tell about it my other story.

Other than that I was used the whole month and some of the new members have also joined my fucking session like the guard of my society and few other people from society that’s a different story. As a result of this fucking I missed a lot of classes and due to lack of attendance got debarred in 3 subjects I asked my brothers to help but they said they couldn’t do anything and laughed at my condition.

Finally I decided to go and talk to the respective teacher for giving me attendance. That day I went to college wearing a black colored zip tube top and high waist skirt which as usual showed more than enough of my cleavage and thighs, now my brothers had stopped forcing me to wear skimpy dress I wear them myself as I get a lot of attention wearing them and I enjoy that attention a lot. First subject in which I was debarred was Business Management which was taught by Anand Sir who was an unmarried and around 26-27 old, as the class got over I followed Anand Sir to his office, as he entered his office I stood outside his office thinking what to say to him and I had decided that I would do anything to get attendance, I entered the office and stared to talk.

“Hello Sir” I said

“Hello” he said.

“Sir I am Neha and wanted to talk about something very important to you” I said.

“What do you wanna talk about Neha” he asked

“Sir due to some reasons I wasn’t able to attend your classes and didn’t have enough attendance in your subject so I got debarred in your subject. Sir can we do anything about this. Plzzzz help me Sir I’ll get a year back if you don’t give me attendance” I begged him.

While I was talking to him he was looking at me from top to bottom rapping me with his eyes but I wasn’t his fault any men would give up seeing a busty girl in a zipped tube top.“Sorry Neha, we cannot do anything in this case as it a rule by the council to not to give any extra attendance to any student” he said

“I know the rule sir but plzz help me my parents will kill me if get a year back, and I know you are the only teacher who could help me Sir and I know no one else could helpSince I have been talking to him he hasn’t stopped looking at my body he was looking into my cleavage as deep as possible I was able to the lust in his eyes there is nothing sexier than a girl in skimpy clothes crying and begging in front of you. There was a silence in the room I was all quite except my sobbing.

“Neha I want to help you but I cannot……” he said this looking at my breasts. I was kind of getting his intention but still I begged him more and I finally knew that he is not going to do anything unless I did something I needed attendance very badly So I came up with something.

I went closer to his chair where he was sitting and went on my knees near his legs I joined my hands over my breast and pushed my boobs upward to give him a better look and said

“See into it Sir, I thinks something can be done about it Sir I will do anything to get some attendance from u” He was lost in my cleavage and I could see a tent growing in his pants I pushed my boobs further to show him what he wants.

And finally he gave up “Anything?” He said with a wicked smile on his face.

“Yes Sir anything you say just give me attendance” I begged him.

He brought his hand closer to my joined hands and moved them away from my breast. “Remember u said anything I don’t want to deny that later” He said.

“Yes Sir, I won’t just give me attendance plzz” I said.

“We could work out a deal to get you some attendance” he said

“Yes sir we can” i said

“Open that Zip of your top make this slut dress of yours more revealing” he ordered me.

I tried to act innocent and said “What!! I didn’t mean that Sir”

Before I could say anything else slap!!! Slap!!! Slap!!! three slaps landed on my face making it all red a my hairs all disturbed.

“I know what u want I suppose u also know what I want to so try to act innocent Understood? He screamed at me.

Now some real tears started to came out my eyes “Yes Sir” I said sobbing.

“Now do as I say, lower the Zip” he ordered

I started to move the zip down till half of the zip was undone; my boobs were completely visible from his point of view. And the he took out phone and pointed it in front of my face and started taking pictures of me with my boobs almost visible, he forced to me smile in many of the pics.

“Now it’s time for u to make this deal work out” Saying this he asked me to open his pants zip and suck him off. He was holding my hairs with one hand and his phone over my face with the other.

As I opened his pants and grabbed his hard dick which was not less than 8 inches or more. I was an expert in given blowjobs thanks to my brothers I took his dick and gulped half on his dick in my moth at one instance “ you are an experienced slut huh” he said. He forced his dick deeper and deeper in my throat and making me gag on it gghagg gahagaha gaga gghagg gahhgaha gaga gaga. Drools flowed down my neck to my breast making me all filthy, he recorded everything what was happening to me. After gagging me for around 20 mins he kept his phone away asked me to stand up.

“Go close the door you are not going form here anytime sooner” he ordered me.

I went and closed the door of his office and came back to him, he came closer to me and opened my zip till the end and my top fell down on the floor.

“What don’t you wear any bra slut” He asked

“My boyfriend does not allow me” I said hesitatingly.

“What a slut you are” He said squeezing my tits and slapping them hard ahhhh hahhhha haaahh sssseee plz be gentle sir I begged him.

He chewed on my nipples for some time making them red and then threw me on his chair he asked me to pot mu knees on the chair and bend over so my ass was facing him he came near me and slapped my pussy with his hands, ahhhhh sesee I screamed every time he did that he finally kept his dick on my pussy and started rubbing it over my pussy and I one thrust shoved his half monster in my wet pussy he started slowly but gradually he increased his speed and was shoving his dick all the way down in my pussy, my boobs were hitting the headrest if the chair with each thrust I held the armrest tightly to save myself from falling. After ramming my pussy for some 20 mins he stopped and came in front at my face and shoved his dick in my mouth,

“How your pussy does taste slut” he asked

“Good Sir” I replied

I always gave correct answers to these slutty questions again thanks to my brother because whenever I gave an answer which they didn’t want to listen I was punished hard. While moth fucking me he opened his the drawer of his table and took some markers and a 12inch steel scale from it and kept it on the table.

“Why your attendance is short slut” He asked

“Because I wasn’t able to attend the classes due to some reasons” I said.

“You should be punished for not attending my classes regularly” he said in an evil voice and saying this he went back to my ass and started shoving those markers in my asshole and one by one he forced 4 bold markers in my asshole I just screamed as he did so ahhhh plzzz not any more sir plzzzzz Sirrr ahhh he again took his phone and took few photos of me. Now he came near me and again shoved his dick in my pussy and started ramming it,

While fucking ramming my pussy SMACKKK he gave a hard blew with that steel scale on my ass ahhhh seeessss ohhh onnnooo I cried as that scale hit my ass I literally stood up as he did that, he held my hair and brought me back to my position and continued fucking my pussy while I cried, and again I gave another blow with that stick on my back leaving a red mark on my back I cried like anything but this time he was holding me so that I could run away and after that he gave a blew on my ass back every minute while he fucked me for half an hour.

My ass was red as if someone has painted it with red colour I cried the whole time begging him to stop nut he didn’t listen, when he was about to cum he made me sit on the chair and brought his dick near my face and released all of his cum on my face and mouth I was still crying as he released his cum over my face.

“Was this punishment enough for u” He asked with an evil smile on his face.

“Yes Sir it was” I said sobbing.

“I don’t think so” He said

Saying this he held my boobs and started spanking them with the scale AHhhh Hooo nooo plzzz it hurtss Sirrrr stop I begged him but he didn’t and spanked my boobs harder and harder making them red and sore. The markers were still in my ass he asked me to remove them once he was done he took some pics of my red boobs and cum covered face. He made my ass and boobs very sore as fucked me for around two hours of brutal sex, and then he asked me to get dressed and clean myself I cleaned myself with my shorts.

“Sir Will you give me attendance now” I asked him.

By that time he was looking into the attendance sheet and said.

“Well u needs around 20% attendance and I am not done with you yet so U might have to work bit more I you want the attendance. Do as I say for the next few days and u might the attendance” Saying this he closed his attendance sheet, and took my phone number and went out of the office, I stood there thinking what will happen next but I didn’t have any choice and decided to do whatever he says, my ass and boobs very and sore and it pained as I walked out of his office. Now as I reached home I found only Raj and Dinesh at home naked watching TV as I entered the room Raj called me and asked me to sit on his lap I did, he pulled down my top off my breast and started sucking them but suddenly saw all the scale marks on my boobs.

“Who did that to your boobs” he asked.

I thought for some time and decided to tell them the truth and told them everything about what Anand sir did to me all about the attendance problem and all the fucking he did with me, about the pics and the punishment he gave me.

“You have finally learned how to get yourself fucked without our help!! This slut is learning fast” he said and laughed. I just sat there giving him a smile

BEEP BEEP my mobile sms alert rang it was a message from Anand Sir

“I hope your ass and tits are still sore It was fun fucking a slutty chick like you I am going to have that fun with u again but can’t wait for the night. I am in a mood of a sex chat with u tonight” said the sms.

“Yes sir my boobs and ass are still sore, I’ll be always be available for you Sir. You can have fun with all the videos and pics u already have” I replied.

“Want more of you slut” he replied.

By then Raj took the phone from my hand and read the conversation “Ohh this fucker more of my sister, that too pics and videos!!! Yaa that can be done” he said laughing.

“Hot pics on the way Sir” Raj replied on behalf. I tried to stop him but he held my hairs and slapped me

“Come here and hold these monsters in each hand, I am sure Anand Sir will love to see you with some dicks In your hands” said Dinesh.

I went near them and came on my knees and grabbed both there dicks in my hands and brought them near my face Raj clicked the pics and sent it.

“WOOo whose are those two dicks u slut” Anand Sir replied.

Raj was about to type the truth but I begged him not to do that “plzzzz don’t tell him about us plzzz” I begged them.

“Okay” Raj said,

“They are my servants and his father” Raj replied instead of telling the truth.

“What a cheap slut you are. Who many guys u have fucked till now?” Anand Sir replied.

“It’s a long list Sir and you are not the first or the last” Raj Replied.

HE was talking to Anand Sir in as sluty way as possible; making my image of a much bigger slut which Sir was expecting me to be.

“You Want these dicks in my mouth” Raj replied.

“I would love it” Anand Replied.

They both shoved both there dicks in my mouth double face fucking me took lots of pictures and sent them to Anand Sir.

After that they sent like 100s of other pics of mine in different positions, sucking both of them at one time, licking their balls, double penetration in different positions, both the dicks in ass and then both of them in my pussy and finally my face covered with their cum, and Anand Sir also sent pics of his dick spurting cum out, After few more dirty questioning and answering he said byee and told me to meet him in his office tomorrow as he wants me to punish for being such a slut to his teacher. I went to my room and took a bath before sleeping.

When I woke up I saw a message in my phone from Anand Sri “I want you in my office first in the morning we need to discuss about your short attendance, and dress hot slut” said the SMS. I stood up got ready and wore a see through thin pink coloured shirt with black bra inside it as it was necessary as the whole bra was visible through that dress and tight shorts, and I went to college with Raj and Dinesh in the car.

As I reached the collage one hour before the actual time and directly went into Anand Sir office where he was eagerly waiting for me, As I walked in he asked me to close the door I did he stood up from his seat and came near me and started kissing me on my lips and I too replied back to him we made out there for 5-10 mins and then u forced me on my knees and took his monster out and asked to give it a bath. After he was done with the blowjob,

He asked “Why are you wearing that bra slut”

“This shirt is very thin sir” I replied hesitatingly

“Take that off!! I don’t like sluts like you wearing a bra” saying this he came to me opened my shirt and took off my bra and put it into his pocket I begged him that this dress now would be too open to wear in public but he didn’t listen.

He started to leave and said “I want you at my house tonight at 8. Be ready for it u won’t be needing any attendance from today onwards”

I stood there with a shirt revealing my boobs and I was so afraid to go to any of the class but fortunately as I stepped out of the office and went to class hold some books against my boobs fortunately I had only two classes that day one of them passed as I went and sat into a corner but other one was Anand Sir’s class and he was not going to let me attend the class without doing something. He called deliberately called me to the board to explain something to the class, as I went there every one in the class saw me in that see through shirt and Anand Sir was smiling all the time.

After the class was done he again took me to his office and rammed me and reminded me to come to his house in the evening, after that I went home and rested for some and by then it was time to go to Anand Sir‘s house I got dressed in a Pink V cut strapless dress it was bit tight on my boobs so it enhanced my boobs a bit it was looking sexy and skimpy. Finally I got into my car (Yes, I have my own car now, all this fucking had some benefits) and moved to Anand Sir’s House.

As I reached his house I was welcomed by him with a long and deep kiss on my lips. “You Look Hot are u wearing bra or panty” he asked

“No Sir” I sir shyly.

“Very Good slut” he said and took me in.

As we entered the drawing room of his house I was taken aback and was surprised to see two people sitting there and sipping drinks and they were none other than my other two teachers’ in whose subject I was debarred named as Amit Sir and Sanjay Sir.

They both called me to them and made me sit between them “You look hot and we love to see u watching u in those skimpy outfits u wear at collage showing off your assets and now that we know you are also a little college slut we can do anything we want to do with you” they said.

Anand Sir came in with another bottle of alcohol and said “why don’t we do a round of before doing anything” saying this he opened the bottle and poured it in 4 glasses I was so nervous that I gulped it in one shot “This slut can drink huh” Amit Sir remarked “.

“Let’s see it” saying this Anand Sir came to me picked the bottle and forced it in my mouth making me drink directly from the bottle It was very hard for me to gulp so much of it at one time after 20-25 seconds he removed the bottle and some of it came out of my mouth and feel on my dress and boobs making them all wet.

“Enough of drinking let’s give this slut some attendance” Sanjay Sir said desperately. Saying this he took me by hairs and brought me near his feet and I was on my knees with tears in my eyes because of alcohol he took out his dick and started hitting it on my face it was like a hard rod and then he shoved his whole meat in my mouth at once making me gag on it was a big cock of around 8’ more tears came out of my eras this time because of the dick on my mouth at my back Anand Sir pulled up my dress from my ass and shoved his dick his monster in my asshole and rammed my asshole ahhhhh ssss plzzz ahhh SIrrr no i screamed as he tore my asshole I wanted to scream more but couldn’t as Sanjay Sir had his dick in my throat Sanjay and Amit Sir kept on giving me there dicks turn by turn, and within few Anand Sir increased his speed of fucking my ass I just screamed and screamed ahhhh asss noooo sloww plzzzz but he didn’t listen at all.

After fucking me the same position for some time they switched their position and now Amit Sir was taking my ass and Sanjay Sir was fucking my pussy and Anand on my mouth I just moaned and screamed all the time I cummed around 5 times and they fucked me for around 2 hours switching their positions and finally cummed on my face and asshole. It was 8 in the evening I thought they will let me go now but they had different. Plans Sanjay Sir asked me call my dad and tell him that I am staying at a friend’s house tonight as they thought my dad was at home I told them there was no at my home expect my brothers he asked me that whether I want to call my brothers or not I thought it will be better not to tell them anything.

It was a good news for them at 8 they ordered some food and I ate like animals as I was exhausted and hungry after we were done Anand Sir came to me and he lowered my dress from my boobs and revealed more than half of my boobs till nipple area and then asked to go out and bring condom from the medical shop next door I begged them to not to do this as my dress was too much to wear in public but they didn’t listen and threw me out of the house the shop was few meters from the house at the shop I saw 3-4 boys sitting and smoking as I reached there they stared me like hungry dogs and made dirty comments at me one of them even touched my ass

I stood at the counter and hesitatingly asked for condoms and looked down in shame as he handed me the pack he shoved it in my cleavage and felt my boobs I moved back at threw the money at him and ran away from the shop but two boys caught me outside the shop and started to touch me and slap me and they even pulled my dress down making me naked from the breast but I somehow escaped from there and reached the house as I reached the house everyone was having a round of drinks they made me some more like before and then took me to the bedroom and threw me on the bed started their fuck session Anand Sir make my head hanging from the bed and place his balls on my mouth and asked me to suck them while Sanjay Sir rammed my pussy while Anand Sir chocked and gagged me with his dick and balls Sanjay Sir didn’t showed any mercy to my pussy and fucked it brutally

After some time they changed their positions and now I was on my four and Anand Sir came beneath me taking my pussy Sanjay Sir was on my ass and Amit Sir face fucked me like hell Ahhhh yeahhAAS onoo ahhhh I moaned continuously for hours while they fucked me till 3 at night they made me cum about 10 times while they fucked in every possible position. I finally slept at 3 between Sanjay and Amit Sir. When I woke up in morning I found my hands and a leg were all tied to the bed I tried to free myself but was no use and I saw a note placed on my stomach which said “See you after college slut” I didn’t believe that they had left me there tied.

They came back at 4 in the evening and then there was no stopping to my fucking they fucked me in every possible position and place of that house and each of them even punished me for attending there classes, they made me call my brothers that I won’t be home for few days and I did and told my brothers the truth but they were happy hearing it I was at his place for next four days and every night they sent me out to that medical shop and buy condom and at fourth day those 4 boys finally got lucky when Anand Sir invited them to the house and got me fucked by them like animals. And Yes I got all the attendance required and some extra marks too but I worked more for extra marks though.

I’ll post the next part soon. If you liked the story please leave your comments and suggestions at waiting for your reply.

Brutal Brothers – Part 7

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