Broken Strings – Part 9 (The Marriage -1)


After that day, when we agreed to the marriage, everything changed. Sometimes I wonder how things have turned out in the past few months. About a year ago, I was fiddling around, finding ways to touch my mom. And today, I can touch her whenever I want.

I can command her to my side in the bed whenever I feel like to fuck her. Almost! Of course. And that’s not all. Soon I am going to be her secret husband. Every time I thought of it, it gave me an instant boner. Sometimes I was lucky to play with her waist and get a kiss. Sometimes, I had to wait to get privacy.

As the days passed by, soon there was an announcement of Quarterly examination. It was that night after a steamy session, I announced to my mom about the exams. She became an instant mother lecturing on studies and life. She asked me to concentrate on exams and get good marks.

Even though I did not like it, I had to accept the bitter truth. I nodded and agreed with her. So we finally accepted that there wouldn’t be any more cozy nights or days between us till the exams were over. From the next day, I started concentrating on the exams.

At times it was difficult for me to watch her get ready beautifully for her husband. But I forced myself to concentrate on my studies. I had a small fear inside me that losing in exams would affect my relationship with her. I don’t want to lose my cozy moments with her.

I somehow managed to get through the 2 months of agony. I finally answered the last day exam paper last question. I quickly wrapped up the exam and handed it over to the invigilator. He was surprised by my quick paper handover. But I was too restless to get my hands today all over my mom.

I picked up my bag from outside the exam hall and almost jumped out of the school gate as I ran towards home. I was gasping for breath as I sat down on the steps at the doors of my home. The doors were still closed. I was trying to get control of my breathing.

My manhood inside my inner wear was burning like a red hot rod. It took me a few minutes to get a hold of breathing. I didn’t want to waste a minute once my mom opened the doors. I wanted to unleash the lust that was building up over these two months.

I got up and knocked on the door. It was afternoon, and the street seemed to be almost abandoned. As the moments pass by, I am becoming restless every second. This time I banged on the door softly. Yet, there is no response. Then I banged on the door hard.

After a few seconds, the door opened. To my surprise, I was welcomed by my irritating father.

“Why are you banging on the door? Can’t you wait?” he asked.

“I am feeling hungry,” I blabbered something.

He looked at me for a moment. I ignored him and started removing my shoes. I was waiting for my mom to come out. I wondered what she was doing inside. I walked inside, following my dad a few moments later. I stepped inside.

I saw my mom coming from the kitchen, adjusting her loose end of the sari over her bosoms. They are as ever protruding from under the thin layer of chiffon sari, once again trying to provocate my hard-on.

“How did you write the exam?” mom enquired as she came out.

“Good,” I responded as my desires were watered down by the presence of my father.

She took the exam pad, which I threw on the bed, and sat down. She started to go through the paper and asked me questions. I removed my tie and then shirt while answering her questions. As she continued with her line of questioning, I also sat down beside her.

I was sitting on the left-hand side while her husband was lying on the bed on the right hand side. We were going through the paper. After a few moments, he picked up the newspaper. While I was answering, I had a clear view of my mom’s beautiful waist.

I could not resist. After a few moments, I held it and started playing with it. She stopped for a few moments. I held it tightly and moved uneasily while sneaking secretly at her husband. He is now ruffling through the newspaper.

After confirming that her husband was not paying any attention, she continued with her inquiries. I answered, playing with her mid-riff. As we finished, I went to the bathroom to change with a huge boner. It took me 15 minutes to relieve myself and get refreshed before I walked inside again.

As I walked in, I was welcomed by my brother and sister. They seem to have just arrived. My father seems to have moved his setup to the drawing-room. After some time, my brother refreshed and rushed out to start playing while my sister followed him. With everyone gone, it was my mom and me again.

I made no delay in pulling her closer to me, holding her soft and stiff waist. She was smiling silently as I crushed my chest to her boobs. We kissed each other aggressively. When I was about to raise her sari to get inside her, my mom held me and said.

Mom: Hold on! Your dad is sitting outside.

Me: So?

Mom: He can come inside any minute. I don’t want to be caught with my son in a compromised position.

Me: Then what should I do with it? (I asked her, showing my bulge.)

“Handle it,” she said with a smirk and relieved herself from my clutches.

Me: How and how long?

“Till we get married,” she said in a naughty tone.

“Well, how long that would be?”

“A few days, babu,” she said.

Me: I can’t wait that long. My rod is burning like a volcano.

Mom: I know. Hold it till we meet on our first night.

Me: Okay, but I don’t want you to allow your husband to get into your pussy till we have our first night.

Mom: Well, that’s difficult. I cannot refuse to sleep with my husband.

I tried to think but left it there. It had taken almost a week. Then my dad left for our hometown with my brother and sister, leaving my mom and me alone. Probably he would never have left us if he knew what we would be doing behind his back.

I was excited to walk back from the bus stop after giving them a send-off. As I reached home, my whole body has heated up with excitement. The expectation of the touch of the skin of her waist was making me go out of control. As I reached home, I knocked on the door.

And within a moment, my beautiful mom opened the door. I intruded hurriedly and closed the doors behind locking them. I threw my slippers recklessly and rushed behind her. I reached her and took her from behind, holding the waist, and pulled her to me.

Her soft ass landed on my raging cock, while my hands moved forward to hold her tightly. She giggled, trying to lose herself from my clutches. That aroused me further. I pushed my crotch to her ass, taking the pleasure of life. The two months of hunger asked to be quenched till the gratification was attained.

I held her hand, turned her around me while removing the loose end of the sari from beautiful boobs. She held it tightly and looked with a naughty smile.

Me: Come on, I can’t wait!

Mom: But I can’t!

Me: Why?

Mom: Because my future husband has asked me not to allow anyone.

I loved the way she said it. She is a changed woman now. I can see a lover, and the mother inside her seemed to have lost somewhere. As I looked at her, my hand loosened. She took the loose end of the saree and covered her boobs.

Mom: Come, I have cooked the dinner.

She said and walked to the next room. I followed looked at the beautifully swaying ass. We ate dinner. I watched television till my mom completed her work in the kitchen. We retired to bed once she was done with work.

In the darkness and silence of the night, for the first time, we cuddled, holding each other.

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