A Beautiful Journey – Part 6


Hello readers, welcome to this beautiful journey. I am male and the story is completely fictional. Thanks for your feedback for the previous parts of the story. Let’s enjoy the journey.

Next day was a Sunday so I didn’t worry to wake up Ayesha, I let her sleep well after her first orgasm of the previous night. She woke up around 10 a.m. and got ready. Mr. Husband had not returned home so we were the only two for the breakfast so we were on the dining table. I was in a kurti and leggings whereas my daughter was in loose shorts and slip (shameez). I said,

“So honey how was the experience last night”

“Oh, Mamma it was awesome, was really great. I had never had such a wonderful feeling before. I felt like being at the top of the world, I felt ecstasy. Thanks is such a small word for it, mom. Really thanks, mom, thanks a lot. You are really my best friend.”

“Yes, I am and will always be honey. Listen I want to tell you something very serious”

“Yeah Mom say”“Last night what you did is called masturbation. You are not going to masturbate without telling me, ok?”

“ok mom.. mom can I do it tonight?”

“No, my child, that is what I wanted to tell you. You need to keep a certain gap between two masturbation else you will be addicted. And once you get addicted, it is really hard to get rid of it”

“But Mamma I really loved it and want to do it again.”

“Yeah honey, I understand I am not denying you to do that but the thing is that you should be aware of not getting addicted to it. I only taught you to do it and I am sure you’re gonna enjoy it a lot, just control yourself a bit.”

“Ok mom I’ll try”

“No trying promise me”

“Ok Mummy I promise you that I won’t do it without telling you and will only do once a week”

“That’s like a good girl.”

From then onwards every day she used to tell me that “Mamma I am waiting for Saturday”

I was enjoying the anxiousness her desire to masturbate; as it was new to her so she was extremely desperate for it. I understood her feelings so I was playing the role of a guide for her. The best thing about her is that she never breaks the promises that she makes and so I was quite relaxed that she won’t masturbate without telling me. I remember that I learned to masturbate when I was a teen and that too from my school friends so it wasn’t a proper education or guidance. Like my daughter, I was also too excited about it. Initially, my passions had no boundaries, I remember that sometimes I used to do it thrice a day. Not that I am less horny now but I feel that there must be check and balance in everything so I wanted to guide my daughter’s lust in the proper way.

Finally, it was Saturday. She was super excited for the day. She said,

“Oh Mama I am so excited I was waiting for this Saturday for so long”

“Yeah honey I understand”

My hubby had arrived so told her,

“Ayesha since your dad has come back so we would do it earlier”

“So Mamma shall we do it now?”

“No honey, don’t get so impatient. just be ready in your room by 9:30”“Oh 12 hours to go, how will it pass?”

And that made me laugh. I thought this girl is getting crazy then I thought after all whose girl she is!!!

In the evening we had an early dinner. I informed my hubby about Ayesha that tonight It’s gonna be her second masturbation. As expected she had got herself ready, just an hour back she had a bath and had cleaned her pubic hair well. She was absolutely cleaned and fresh for the occasion that she was eagerly waiting for.

After cleaning up the kitchen, I spent some time with my hubby in smooching then moved towards Ayesha’s room.She was in her nightdress when she saw me she removed it and was completely naked in no time. Before I would say anything, she lied on the bed and started inserting a finger in her vagina. I stopped her,

“Wait baby wait don’t do it so hastily. You have so much time. just relax. I am teaching you everything. Insert your index finger slowly” She followed my instructions but wasn’t doing it properly so I got a solution I told her,

“Honey, let’s do one thing. you do it on me and I shall practically you where you are doing mistakes.”

As she was super excited she was ready for anything. Just to make the atmosphere more erotic I asked her to remove my clothes. Usually, she had hardly done this thing to me before so she was a little surprised, reluctant and shy at the same time but she would hardly deny me for anything so she agreed. She started unbuttoning my sleeveless, knee-length, pink nighty. I was in grayish inners now. I always prefer colorful lingerie and make her wear the same. I feel that the white lingerie is quite unsexy and dry. I don’t know why people prefer it so much.

So then I asked her to play with my breasts, press it a bit over my bra. She did so very coyly. Then I asked her to lick her fingers and then move her wet fingers on my panties.Though I wasn’t totally driven by passion but this move made me hot. I asked her to lick her fingers and then to rub it over my vaginal area of my panties. I asked her to do it very slowly and it was making me hot.

“Honey always remember one thing, never hurry in masturbation. Masturbation is good for self-pleasure so just relax, give yourself enough time, always get fully naked when you do it and get a proper atmosphere. Never do it just for the sake of doing it. Do it only when you really need it” She was listening to me very carefully like a curious student. I continued,

“Honey remove my inners very slowly” She unhooked my bra and slowly removed it and same were done with my panties. We both were completely naked now. And ready for the masturbation.

It was the time for the real action now. I asked her to move her fingers slowly on my vagina. I taught her how to move the fingers, how to get herself excited. I corrected her that it’s not for the sake of doing. The touch has the sensation so feel it when you’re doing it. she learned it well

“Honey, it’s time for the next step. Insert your fingers in my vagina. You are to insert only two fingers but you need not insert both the fingers at the same time. Insert only one finger initially and follow my instructions. I shall tell you how to shift the gears.” She was again listening like a teen student.

So I was on my bed. It was for the first time that my daughter was masturbating me although it was for the teaching purpose only. She inserted index finger in my vagina and started moving it to and fro. She was doing it properly so I asked her that with your other hand, insert a finger in your vagina too. So we lied down nearer to each other, with her left hand she was fingering in my vagina and with the right one, it was in hers.

Initially, it was difficult for her to handle both the vagina. But I said,

“Honey, it’s okay, you are doing it well don’t worry, just do it easily and calmly.”

She was doing it and I was just telling her how to do. After some time when I found her in the mood I asked her to insert the second singer too. As my vaginal lips are little wider so her fingers went in easily, but for her, it was little difficult. So I thought of helping her.

I widened her legs and lips and inserted my fingers into her vagina. Then I asked her to take a deep breath and move the fingers to and fro she did it for some time then I asked her to move the fingers up and down. She was doing it well in my vagina and in her as well. Her little fingers inside my hot vagina made me horny but I knew that I need to teach her so I said,

“Beta remove your fingers from my vagina and now concentrate on yourself only.” she did so.

Now two of her fingers were into her vagina and she was moving it to and fro. Sometimes I would ask her to move it happen down too. She was totally enjoying it.

I advised how to play with her breasts with her left hand while her right hand was busy inside her vagina. She was totally into the passion. She was moaning highly but as per her experience of previous masturbation, she wasn’t shy of moaning. She was moaning very naturally.

Soon I realized that it was the time for the final move so I advised increasing the speed and she did so. She was unstoppable until she cummed. Again she was spasming and it was a treat to watch. Her whole body became so tight is if it were turned into a sculpture.

I put my fingers on her clitoris to calm her down and just tried to relax her. After round about five minutes, she got relaxed. I could see sexual satisfaction on her face. I caressed her hair, moved my fingers on her cheeks and asked,

“How was it honey, did you enjoy?”

She was so much satisfied that she avoided speaking and replied by her eyes through nonverbal communication. I was happy that she felt ecstasy on her own.

We were sleeping together. Both naked. She had aroused me by fingering but later on my concentration was to guide her so I was still horny. I didn’t know what happened to me that night. I kissed her forehead, cheeks and then somehow I kissed on her lips.

It was surprising to me too. I thought she would resist but she didn’t do so and then I kissed her again. I could see that she was enjoying kissing as it was the first experience for her then I smooched her as if I am smooching my hubby.It went on for quite some time and then I realized what I am doing so I withdrew and Said,

“Take rest Honey, goodnight.”“Goodnight Mamma. Thanks.”

Then I left the room and moved to my own bedroom as I was too horny so I was in the mood for a wild attack. My hubby asked about Ayesha but instead of replying anything I just pounced on him. We did a lot of wild sex. Then I did deep throat and drank whole of his cum.

After having the orgasm when we were relaxing, my head was on his chest, we talked about Ayesha but I didn’t tell him about my kissing experience with her as I was little scared and little reluctant. So we slept after deep smooching.

Keep reading the journey is on and I would like to repeat it again that I am male and the sex story is fictional. Do give your feedback on

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