Train Trip With Gay Twist – Part 1


Hello, this is Nikki and I want to talk about my first gay experience which began my journey to the horny bisexual I am today.

This happened in my college days. I came from a small village where my father owned a local factory. I had to travel 30 km to get to the nearest railway station where I took a train for 8 hours to reach my college so I rarely came home.

That day, the train got delayed and it came at 1 am instead of 11 pm. The train gets me to a limited-stop station near my college. So I waited while others just took another train.

There was barely a soul on the platform. Just me and a tall guy in his late 30s. Worried I might miss the train, I drank a can of red bull to keep me awake.

I was bored and all I had was a qwerty phone about to die. So I started a talk with the man.

His name was Sumit. He was a gym instructor in the city near my college and was in the village to attend friend’s wedding. It was a hot night. So he was wearing three-fourths and a light top. He had rippling muscles. I was as tall as his shoulders.

We had a guy-talk till the train arrived. It was pretty empty as it was off-season. We found seats near each other. As usual, I went to the toilet and changed into my three-fourths and crop top.

As I came back, the TC was at our seats. He told me there were no more reservations that night so we can sleep in the lower berth.

It was getting really hot in the train and the red bull wouldn’t let me sleep. So Sumit and I continued the guy-talk in the dark as I charged my phone. He was not sleepy at all and I soon found the reason.

Sumit: My friend’s bachelor party was so wild I slept through his wedding. I won’t be able to sleep soon.Me: Hey. I want details.

Sumit: You are just a teen. I can’t tell such thingsMe: I am 20 years old. And I have already lost my virginity to my now ex-gf a year ago.

Sumit: Whoa, you kids are too fast these days. Did you dump her after sex?Me: We broke up because we had problems and fights. Don’t change the topic. Give me the details of the wild night.

Sumit: Well, since you were so honest, I can share some details. So the party was at the groom’s NRI cousin’s empty home. There were booze and music. We partied all so hard we had to send the groom back home after an hour of the party because he puked all over the hooker we hired.

Me: Where did you get hookers in such a remote village like ours?

Sumit: You can find them anywhere if you look. We found 2 of them waiting to be picked up near the bus stop when we arrive late at night the day before. They were middle-aged but with age comes horny experience.

Me: Whoa, tell me more.

Sumit: After we sent the groom home, the party went nude. Just the 2 ladies for the 7 of us. A full-on orgy. Sometimes we took turns and sometimes a threesome would break out.

Me: So, did you sleep with both of them?

Sumit: Not exactly. I was interested in something better. Say, my friends took some videos. Do you want to see them before I delete them? I have to go to the toilet.

He handed me his Galaxy duos and left. The video was shot from upstairs so you could see the whole living room. I saw drinking like hell as the ladies took off their saris. Next, the groom was dancing between the ladies and soon he puked on 1 of them.

Sumit took the groom home while the others dumped a bucket of water on the ladies. She went into the bedroom with the guy who drenched her while the other was being enjoyed on the couch. The men took turns on each lady while others jerked off. Halfway through, Sumit returned. All were now nude.

The other lady came out as well and it got wilder. The couches, carpet, table, cupboard and even the backs of passed out men were used for sex. Threesomes broke out – some with 1 girl and 2 guys others with vice versa.

Some men even made the ladies kick and stomp them. After so many blow jobs, pussy-fucks and anal sex, most of them were passed out. Even I unconsciously took my cock out and was jerking it.

Later the ladies took a shower and dressed. Sumit handed them the money and locked the door. That was when I noticed Sumit was nude but didn’t seem like he took part in an orgy. He was barely drunk.

Till then, I was concentrating on the ladies’ horny adventures. But now I think of it I had not seen Sumit even grope the ladies rather than fuck them.

Next Sumit walked to the 2 guys on the couch who kept asking the ladies to hurt them. Barely awake, they still mumbled to be pissed on. Sumit shoved his tongue down one guy’s throat while stroking the other guy’s dick. Even I was enjoying the sudden twist!

Next, Sumit flipped both guys around and licked one’s ass while fingering the other. One of them yelled, “Spank me, baby.”

Sumit happily slapped their asses so hard they were soon red. The guys were enjoying it made clear from their moans. Let’s call them ‘X’ and ‘Y’.

Sumit spread out X’s ass hole and thrust his whole cock in. X arched back in response to the monster cock up his ass. He moaned with each thrust. Sumit pulled at X’s hair as he tore the ass mercilessly. Soon X passed out with a pervy expression.

Sumit pushed X off the couch and turned to Y. He was a fatso. Y barely yelped when Sumit entered his ass. Y fatback jiggled with every thrust by Sumit. After having his fill, Sumit pulled out and went to every other 6 guys and jizzed on their faces. I was about to jizz myself when I heard Sumit’s voice.

Sumit: You really haven’t lived till you jizz on the boys who used to tease you.

I was shocked and my jizz squirted to Sumit’s bare chest. I had not even noticed but there he was, next to me in nothing but his boxers and the tip of his cock clearly visible.

Sumit: Still want more details?


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