The Beginning Session With Anu Aunty


Hello Indian sex stories readers, I hope you all fine with your work and belongings. I knew some of you are angry on me in delaying to post my full encounter with Anu aunty. First I like to thank all the loving hearts who took time to share your comment via gmail and hangout, I thank you all guys. Let me come to the incident which happened after a memorable big blowjob from her on that little intermission gap.

Days went on with chatting in a regular which was even more formal which could happen between two new strangers who is about to become friends., I was little bit disappointed with her act later I came to know that her phone has been used by her family members often so she restricted her sweet messaging style bored. Finally the day came were she was awarded with a smart phone from her husband on his success over promotion in work. She called me over phone and shared her happiness over it. At last she was able to maintain her privacy with some latest features in the app section.

The very next day I received a whatsapp message with a as many smileys as possible. I replied to her message and our conversation when in a seduction way

Anu: hello darling 🙂 🙂 😉

Me: hello aunty,,

Anu: oye don’t call me aunty, call me anu

Me: ok anu.. What is the news ?

Anu: dai feeling very boring da

Me: me too feeling the same.. Now what can we do ?

Anu: hmm really don’t know what to do ? are you free

Me: i’m totally free because am at the last bench of the class enjoying the atmosphere..

Anu: dai its enough. Can we go for a movie ?

Me: movie ah ?? Which one

Anu: any one movie da..

Me: okie.. Tell me the count & tmg I will book the tickets

Anu: 2 and night show

Me: oh night show va… you and ur hubby going ah..

Anu: oh you thing my hubby will take me for night show.. Loosu I asked you to join me..

Me: iyo.. I can’t came at night my parent will annoy me like anything..

Anu: its ok 🙁

[i could feel her disappointment in face right through imagination]

Me: don’t worry anu.. Tom we will meet at my house and have fun ???

Anu: how da ? Ur mom will be there na..

Me: all are leaving the city for a family function.. So 2 to 3 days my rule only

Anu: wow super da !!!!

[meanwhile class got over]

Me: I will msg later.. Tc anu

Anu: take care baby

I had a sweet day at college as all classes on the later half off of the day got messed up do to some incomplete record word and project works. I was in position to help my class buddies with their work so I was not able to text her. Evenings seems to be a tried one for all engineering graduates who is about to leave college to reach there home at night; as I was tired I slept in my bus journey way back home. After collecting spare key from neighboring I plugged my phone in charge and took a long shower to freshup myself.

Meanwhile I received the phone call from my parents stating the details at home with a huge pack of advice, I somehow convinced them with good replies to make them feel secure about me staying alone in nights. I finished my dinner and had a comfortable position in the bed to check the messages. I saw her message in the inbox to which I responded immediately.

Anu: hi da, reached home ah ? Had dinner ah ?

Me: yes everything done.. There

Anu: no da..

Me: y what happened ?

Anu: feeling happy da that’s y.. Not able to eat..

Me: any good news ?

Anu: yes, i’m going to me you tom la that’s y ?

Me: meeting me la what happiness ?

Anu: loosu.. Don’t act

Me: what act, tell me clearly..

Anu: don’t you remember the day when we shared our love in little time ?

Me: iyo anu… I cannot forget such a incident in my entire life, I wished you would have continued the section to some other level.. Mmm

Anu: I too feel the same.. My idiot husband won’t leave me freely… Tom i’m not going to waste time

Me: me too.. Do you want any thing to kept ready ?

Anu: chi idiot.. You be ready don’t sleep too long

Me: ok ok.. Anything else

Anu: oye shave your hair da..

Me: hair ah ?????

Anu: down hair loosu..

Me: I won’t do it, better you remove it..

Anu: dai you talking too much.. Let see you tom.. My idiot asking me to sleep.. Good night

Me: let’s see what might happen tom..Good night

The night went by recalling those sweet incident were my sparten took a right angle to see the sky, I managed myself with a sexy sleep. Morning I received a call from her that she is about to leave her daughter at boarding point and return back to my house. I thought of taking a clean shower before she could arrive at my place, after sometime I could hear the knocking sound of the door.,

I wished I could be her but it was the neighboring house tenant to hand over his spare key to me. I closed the door after receiving the key form him. Later I wrapped the towel to my hip, second time I heard the door sound went here with anticipation to invite her. My luck favored this time by inviting her inside, I was astonished by the way she appeared at my door step.

She was in her normal best saree with a brown color blouse; all her appearance said she is well prepared in advance to take the pleasure. She saw me in towel and asked me y are you like this, I said you told something to do with hair so I thought of being like this..

Immediately she jumped over my lips by saying this “daiiii”, we once again started our session with a french kiss suddenly I remembered the slight open door at the entrance. I gathered the strength and separated our lip fight and locked the door. She asked me have you took the bath I said no and asked her, she said ‘yes’.. I told her that I was waiting for her to help me in bathing to which she gave a naughty smile and said ok let me help you. I told your dress will get wet while you help me bathing,she said don’t worry I will make the arrangements.

She asked me to undress her.. It was like a woow moment for me to do it with honor.. I went her here and took her pallu off which paved way for a prefect cleavage along the melon boobs, I made her stand and unrolled the saree and untied the petticoat knot. She was standing with her blouse and pink panty, I slowed rubbed my hands over her 38 sized melons to sense the presence it as she was braless today for a special purpose, meanwhile she was enjoying the moment by closing her eyes and butting her lips.

I took pride in removing the blouse hook and at one removed everything and licked those mega bumper prize of the day for me by her. I took my time to enjoy it, later came down and undid her panties and found her pussy to have some hair on it, I went crazy so I didn’t wasted much time in destroying the beauty beast at no cost, by placing all the cloths at one side of the room I pulled her inside the bathroom. She was like enjoying the no man place in hugging me and placing her kiss all over my face.

Finally she threw the towel away and turned the shower which made both of us wet, then she asked me for the razor to shave my g spot., however she was mad to release my penis from hairy shrub..

She made me sit on the chair and took her time in cleaning the area by holding the monster in her hand, I could control my eagerness because my penis was at his best to break the inner wall for her pussy but what to do its her wish to do it, all I could do was to grand her wish.

She did it like a pro and cleaned with fresh water to ensure the absence of tiny hair in that area, she didn’t restrict her after doing this awesome shaving she continued with a lost longing blowjob which was able to cool my hot rod with her cold saliva., I made the session a short once by unloading the cum on her entire body. She said ‘ why da so soon’., it was already too much for me to keep my hot rod cool., while shaving she didn’t forget to give some little jerks in adjusting the position of the penis.

Now its time for me to give her a clean shave, before I could continue my work I asked her whether her husband helps her in clearing the pussy hair., she turned dull by a cute sad reply., he even does not know about this shaved pussy. Don’t worry hereafter I will help you in shaving your princess. She busted in laughs hereafter you are going to take care of me and I will take care of you, I splashed few water droplet with shaving cream on her lovely area, I made her lay on the floor with wide open legs.

I brushed the cream on top of her pussy which made her give sound sweeter with a rhythm like “aaaaah hhhmm” I took the razor and shaved the entire area without wasting much time I poured the water and made the spot look gorgeous. I could see her enjoying the moment with closed eyes and wide open leg I approached the spot with my tongue to add more sweetness to the occasion.

I placed one hand on her melon to squeeze it and other to take balance of the position. My tongue was playing with her g-spot and she was on her cloud nine in enjoying the pleasure by adding the murmuring sound “issss ssh saaaa aaahhh ahhh hh shshh hhsh sh aaaaah ahah aah aha aha ahaha ahaha ah aha issssh hhhh hoo ooooh hhh whhhh hhhhho mooo ooooo oooo” I did it for 15 min she finally reached her orgasm I didn’t waste any of them because the taste was totally different for me to take it on.. Then we took a proper bath by playing with each others body and made sure, we didn’t run out of time like last time.

We both came out of the bathroom nudely headed to the bedroom I gave her the towel to dry her body but she took the opportunity in dry me up like a child, she sat on the bed and was drying me up I stood like a baby without doing anything. I came to know that she didn’t have her breakfast so as i, which made me to get some instant food which I had..

After this I especially had a huge surprise to be shared by her in bathroom while hoping to have a wonderful afternoon. I will share those precious moment with you in my next appearance.

If you have any queries regarding this please do mail me at . if you wish have a serious relationship with your loved once yet finding it difficult to make day out with me do mail me I will help you in hooking up the best sex bomb in your life. A warm greeting to all the ladies who wish to have a supporting person in life to move thing to next level without hurting others can contact me through mail,

I could help you out with may solutions. I hope peoples from chennai are really affected with the recent flood and much more scenario which happened unexpectedly within days time, don’t worry everything will get well soon. Awaiting your replies… Take care

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