How I Became Friends With And Fucked My Girlfriend’s Aunt


Hello everybody my username is lonely boy am not telling my real name because I care a lot about privacy and security and today am going to tell you guys a sexy spicy story about a aunt I fucked. I am a regular here but some stories you can easily tell that they are fake by reading a little but my story is true as I have enjoyed a lot. Any girls or aunties from mumbai wanna have chat or have some fun than mail me at

I had a cute girlfriend with whom I have lots of fun. I use to take her out a lot as my sex drive is too much am always horny. I use to kiss her alot play with her tongue and bit her boobs and tits and press her ass hard. I use to touch her pussy over her panty oh god that use to be great. She gave me hand job and blowjob in a cyber cafe she was good with her tongue and biting in between.

But she never agreed to have sex with me because she was scared that it will pain her alot and here is how my dream sexy lady enters.I use to get horny a lot and use to masturbate as my girlfriend was cool with sex and one day she told me about her aunt that she saw our chat messages and she told her about me everything. I was worried as I use to send her a lot of sexy stuff messages pictures and all but she said aunt did not see any of that and then as I use to read a lot of stories here I got a plan and asked my girlfriend to make my friendship with her and she agreed and we became friends.

I use to chat a lot with that aunt now and less with my girlfriend oh and about that aunt her name is shelly and her figure is 34-30-38 just like I wanted a sexy chubby aunty with big ass. I got real close with her and then she started telling me about her problems and we use to talk a lot on phone and one day she said I love you…You are nice and all that then we started telling me about her romantic life how she is lonely and how her husband avoids her and doesn’t care for her. I was happy inside that I have a chance with her and some day am gonna fuck her pretty good.

She use to give me kisses from phone a lot we use to sex chat and phone sex and I use to ask her about what she is wearing and how I will remove it and eat her press her boobs hard and lick her pussy and bit her ass. She use to go mad hearing all that and one day we made a plan to meet and we met in a flower nursery there were few big trees we went behind that and I just pressed her ass very hard and turned her around and gave her big deep kiss and licked her lipstick and she was getting scared pushing me and saying leave me someone will se us but I was in no mood I was just going crazy and then I heard someone coming towards us so we parted and it was the nursery owner he came looking for us as he thought something was going on than we brought few flower trees and we left from there.

After few days we again met in another flower nursery but there we couldn’t do much so we made a plan to meet at a beach at my village which is private and can do a lot of stuff there.

The day finally came and we met and I just pulled her towards me and started kissing madly and was pressing her ass like mad person and pushing her ass towards me so her pussy was touching my dick and it was getting really tight in paining me so I opened my pant chain and she inserted her hand inside my pants wow that was awesome an auntie touching my dick I thought I will cum just by feeling her hand on my dick.

Then I was started pressing her boobs and we were still kissing and then I pulled her dress up and released her boobs from her bra and just started sucking it like a hungry baby sucking milk…I was biting her tits and she was making aah aah baby cum on suck it suck that made me do more and then she went down and removed my pants and started sucking my dick oh by the way my dick is 4.8 inch and that’s the real size not like most of the guys here fake it.

She gave me the best blowjob ever as she was hungry for sex she was doing it more passionately and I was enjoying it and then I cummed and she took it all in her mouth and swallowed it. Then I inserted my hands inside her dress and was feeling her pussy and it was wet I removed my hand and smelled it and it was toxic and I just fingered her for sometime and she had an orgasm.

We did not have sex that day I wanted to fuck her like an animal but she said some other day and had to leave from there. When I got home I masturbated 3 times thinking about the time I spend with her. So after waiting for months finally the day came when I was going to actually fuck her and feel her pussy.

I took her to a hotel she was scared but she came some how. I like to take things slowly enjoy the foreplay and then fuck till we cum. But she was just hungry to be fucked she just removed her pants she was standing in doggy style in front of me and told me to fuck her right now first round but I was not ready so she gave me a blowjob first and I was ready and I fucked her there for 10 mins and then I cummed. I spent 2 hours there with her and did a lot of things and fucked her 4 times. I like when a girl is riding me cowgirl is the best position I like it a lot.

But now we don’t talk as I told her to do friendship of mine with her friend who is sexy and hot as her. So any girls or aunties out there in mumbai wanna get touch with me then mail me I will be waiting. My email is is

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