Friends’ Night Out


It was winter in my city. I think it was the month of January some 2-3 years ago. I and my friends made a plan to go to a surrounding hill station called Nagarkot near Bhaktapur City for a night out with friends. As per the plan I, other friend lets call him Sugam, his girlfriend Preeti.

There was another friend Aakash, Niraj and his cousin Amar along with Preeti’s friend Niru. We met at a local department store near Koteshwor to buy the stuff we needed for the night. We bought booze, cigarettes, food and some meat for the barbecue.

We all left from there and reached the destination at around 6 in the evening.  We had booked 4 rooms in total and a garden for barbecue and hanging out together. Once we reached there we started drinking and singing.

Now, let’s move a to a month earlier when I first met Niru. It was New Year’s Eve and almost the same circle of friends. We had partied till late at night. We were returning from Thamel to Durbar Marg which is about 15 minutes walk. I don’t know how but I and Niru were separated.

We two were walking together holding hands. It was that night I had a strange and amazing feeling towards her. She had a boyfriend but he was abroad and I was walking holding her hands. It was a great start to a New Year’s Eve. We almost kissed once but something stopped us.

When everyone reunited at Durbar Marg; Sugam, Preeti, and Niru decided to go back to their home. Sugam planned to drop the girls at Preeti’s house and he left for home. It was such an intensive 15 minutes walk. I always remembered Niru for the next month.

I did not ask for her number. Neither could I ask my friends because she was in a relationship. So, I was eagerly waiting for this planned night out. I am an average guy of 5’11” and the heroine of the story Niru is I guess 5’7”. She has an amazing figure and is beautiful.

All the guys were after her at one point or the other. I was usually a little cut off from this group. So I had no idea about her until we met for the first time on New Year’s Eve. Now back to the plot. We had a guitar with us, Amar was a singer and he was singing great songs.

Aakash was supporting him with Guitar, rest of us were either enjoying music or preparing the barbecue. I and Niru had had this spark during our last meet so most of our conversation was through our eyes. We were dying to talk to each other. But had to step back as it was not legitimate doing that.

As the evening progressed everyone slowly started getting drunk. I and Niru at some point were sitting side by side. Nature was also favoring us. There was light rain so guys who were sitting under the naked sky had to move under the shade in the garden. I and Niru were squeezed even closer during this.

Everyone was seated in a circle around the barbecue fire. My hands were now and then touching Niru body. Sometime I would rest my hand on her thighs and sometime I would lightly hug her around her waist. While doing so she didn’t seem to mind it.

I grew more confident and was feeling her ass in between. And no one was noticing this. As there were only two girls, Preeti was busy with Sugam and I was there comforting Niru. Others were also trying to get close with her. But seeing me and her being comfortable rest of the guys didn’t bother us much.

She wanted to go to the washroom. As she was a little drunk I went along with her so that she would not have trouble walking. As soon as we guys were out from other guys, she pulled me and gave me a wonderful kiss. The resort’s waiters were walking by.

So I pulled her behind the washroom. Both of my hands were under her pants feeling her sensational bums. Simultaneously lip-locking with her. After a while, we separated and she went into the toilet while I waited outside. As she opened the toilet door she again pulled me inside.

Imagine guys how would you feel when a girl is hornier than you. This time she took her hand directly inside my pants and boxer. She started feeling my semi-hard dick while kissing me passionately. I instantly took my hands inside her pants and started feeling her amazing pussy outside of her underwear.

We spent quite a while kissing and feeling each others body. I was not that drunk. So I had to think about our disappearance for a long time. then after a while, we both came back to the garden. The place we were seating earlier was even squeezed into a smaller space now.

I sat and then asked her to sit on my lap. She came and sat on my lap without any further thoughts. I was amazed at how my guys and her friends took this. They didn’t bother us at all. They left us to be in our own world while they enjoyed the barbecue and music.

After another hour or so dinner was served. I was almost full because of the snacks and barbecue while Niru went to have some. Then again following dinner, everyone sang songs and were drinking. I was playing with her body without others noticing us.

As lighting was very dim, it was easy for us to fool around with each others body. I asked Niru if we could move up to the room for a while. She had kept denying me from the beginning. But at around 10 o’ clock, she told me that she wanted to sleep and if I could take her to her room.

As we entered the room, there were two single beds and an attached toilet to it. She went to the toilet and came back. She started kissing me very passionately. I was also enjoying her body to the fullest. I slowly started removing her tees and she cooperated very easily.

She was wearing a tank top inside. I again slowly removed that also. I had never had any girl before in my life, who was so comfortable getting naked. She started removing my belt, slowly removed my t-shirt and vest as well. She was in her bra and panties.

Then she pulled me to the bed and started removing my pants. I was fully turned on by then and was standing with hard 6” dick. I also opened the button of her jeans and started pulling it down. She was very cooperative with this. Next, she pulled my boxer little more down and started caressing my dick.

I had removed her sexy bra and was busy licking her boobs. I played with her boobs for a while and then slowly took my fingers inside her underwear and then inside her love hole. It was literally wet. I could easily slide my fingers in it. I fingered her pussy sometimes and she was really enjoying it.

By then she really wanted me to enter her. I was afraid of making her pregnant. I had never before put a dick inside a women’s hole without a condom. I checked my wallet and there it was. I felt so relieved that I had a condom. But it was just one left. I started putting it and she also helped me put it.

Now I was finally ready to enter the hole of this hottie. I never thought it would happen so quickly, I felt like the luckiest guy in the world. I started pumping her hard. She was so wet so there was no trouble entering her. The bed we were making love on was making a lot of squeaking noise.

So I recommended moving to the floor. I spread the blanket we had on the bed and then pulled her down. Now we changed the position and she was riding me. With girls I have been before, it would take girl time to reach an orgasm. But with her, everything was different.

As we started fucking she reached her first orgasm almost instantly. Her second orgasm was when she was riding me on the floor. We changed position yet again. I kept fucking her from behind in the doggy position. She again reached her third orgasm.

I usually make girl cum at least twice before I prepare myself for the climax. But this time it was different. Usually what happens with me is I tend to last even longer when I am a bit drunk. After her third orgasm, I again made her sleep on her stomach and I inserted my dick from behind.

This position is what I find most erotic. I was too tired by then but was still no near about to cum. So I removed my dick and she did a handjob on me to make me reach my climax. We were almost gone for 45 minutes. She was too drunk, to go downstairs.

She got dressed up and I tucked her in the bed. I myself went downstairs to join my friends. They teased me for being gone for a while. Then again I drank a little bit. After about another hour or so, Sugam and Preeti had also already retired to their room.

Aakash, Amar, and Niraj were still drinking. I was tired too. I told the guys I would go and sleep now. I went upstairs. There was some noise from another room and the door was not locked. I opened it. I found Sugam and Preeti were busy kissing in the darkness.

I separated them and told them to lock the door at least. I also asked Preeti, if I could sleep in the same room her friend was sleeping in. She had no objection to it. I went back to Niru and snuggled into her bed. I was yet again ready for another round but I did not have any left condom with me.

The same happened again, we removed each other’s clothes. We enjoyed the second round of sex even better. She even gave me a blowjob before I entered her pussy. The round lasted for a good time in which I could make her cum at least 4 times.

I was not wearing a condom. So I went to the toilet just before she made me cum. I don’t like getting all messy after sex. I usually like to keep it neat and tidy. Now the third round was over. I put on my vest and boxer. She put on her inners and we prepared to sleep.

The bed was a single bed. I almost fell out of it. I moved to the bed beside and had a good night sleep. It was about 5:30 in the morning. I got a wake-up call from Niru pulling my blanket, asking me why I moved to the other bed. She was looking like a sex goddess.

She came into my bed and started kissing me. I was again hard, she felt the hardness and pulled my boxer and vest. We were indulging ourselves in amazing morning sex. I was amazed at how I could make her reach 3-4 orgasm each time we had sex.

After that round, we both dressed up and she went again back to sleep. I went out and woke up all of my friends. Some of us who were willing we hiked to a nearby place and came back. Then she was in my car when we rode back to Kathmandu.

We were again communicating via our eyes. I had asked for her no earlier in the evening the day before. Our sexcapades continue. I will write about it some other day.

If you would like a comment on my writing I am available at . I would like to continue my writing if I have good evaluations of this one.

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