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The water was cold on my body, causing little goose
bumps to rise all over me. I loved the feeling of the
sun against my skin, then the feel of the cold water
rinsing the suntan oil off. Nude beaches were my
particular thing. I liked being a female and naked
against the elements. I loved the feel of the wind,
the sun, and the water against my naked body; my
breasts always became super sensitive on these

It excites me to be looked at, too. I like looking at
other people too. I had discovered that fact in gym
class in high school, just a few years ago. Not
really thinking about it at the time, I just accepted
the idea.

There were never many people around this area of the
beach, and though it had been the subject of
controversy a few years ago, the State Department of
Parks and Recreation had finally designated it as a
nude beach. They decided that they had better things
to do than hassle nudists, and would not even act on
complaints anymore. Things settled down, and the
beach became basically a deserted stretch of sand
most of the time. It saw little use in the summer.

Except, that is, for me and a few other people. It
seemed that whatever beach was designated as “nude”
suddenly lost all its amenities — no running water,
no lifeguard, no toilets, no picnic table, no trash
cans. The lack of everyday things is what kept most
of the people away, except for the diehard nudists
and voyeurs like me.

I got out of the water and headed for my towel. I
noticed that while I was gone for a swim, some guy
had shown up, and he had placed his towel just a few
feet from my blanket. I sat and dried off briefly,
deciding to let the sun and the wind do the rest. I
glanced over at my new neighbor, and found that he
was a young guy, just about my age. He hadn’t taken
his clothes off, and I dismissed him as a voyeur,
someone who had just come to lurk and stare at the
naked bodies of the few women who came to the beach
once in awhile.

I decided a long time ago that I really liked looking
at nude male bodies, but had never really done
anything about it, other than in my fantasies. I
leaned back and found my bottle of sunscreen. I
squeezed some into my hand, and sitting up, I rubbed
it on my legs, my chest, and my face. I smoothed it
out as best as I could. Then, glancing around to be
sure that no one was looking, I decided that now
would be the best time to rub some on my tits and on
my pubes, so that they wouldn’t burn.

The sensation of rubbing my pussy in public was a
slight turn-on, and when I was done, my nipples were
erect. I turned away from the couple that had parked
their blanket a way down the beach, and found that
the guy beside me was staring right at me. I turned
over on my back; the guy still hadn’t taken off his
trunks. I didn’t have a lot of respect for looky-

The sun was hot on my back, and I had very little way
of putting any ointment on my back. I tried, but all
could do was to put a blob of it here and there.

“You need some help with that?”

It was the guy next to me, I thought. I turned and
looked at him. He had removed his trunks. I could
tell that he was, indeed, new to the nude scene. His
midsection was completely white; he looked like
Neapolitan ice cream. He was young, slender, and
muscular. He had hair that had seen a lot of sun and
chlorine from pools. His hair hung down over his
forehead, framing a square but handsome face.
Sunglasses hid his eyes. I checked out his cock
quickly; I didn’t want him to think that I was

He kept his knees raised as he sat there. I could see
the engorged purple head of a hard-on lying against
his flat stomach. Oh, wow, I thought.

He was offering to rub the lotion on my back. “Sure,”
I said. “My name’s Sherry. You do me,” I smiled, “and
I’ll do you.” I had no idea if he’d caught my joke or
not. But he smiled. He picked up a towel, holding it
in front of his crotch as he scooted over to my
blanket. He didn’t want me to see his hard cock up
close I guessed.

“I’m Thomas,” he said. I handed him the lotion, and I
could feel his leg press against mine slightly. I
folded my arms under my chin and lay there on my
stomach. There was the squishing noise of the plastic
bottle as he squeezed the lotion into his hand.

“I’ll work it around in my hand first to warm it up,”
he said. His voice sounded intelligent, gentle. I was
slightly dubious about a total stranger offering to
touch me all over, but I liked the idea, too.

He pressed his hand against my neck, and rubbed
gently downward. His touch combined firmness with
warm gentleness, and I loved the feel of it as he
slowly massaged downward, caressing my shoulders,
moving to my ribs, then back up to my neck again.

His touch began to excite me. I liked it. It was
strange I felt, for a total stranger to offer to rub
stuff all over my naked body. It was even stranger
that he had sat so close to me, with a raging hard on
like he had. I could feel my muscles relaxing as his
hands slowly kneaded my back, moving slowly downward.
It seemed to me that his touch was more a massage
than simply rubbing lotion on my back. I could feel
the tension easing from my body, and I closed my eyes
and enjoyed his touch as his hands reached the small
of my back, and seemed to hesitate at my buttocks. It
seemed that he was waiting for a signal from me, as
if the somewhat taboo area might remain untouchable,
unless I let him know that it was all right.

He avoided the problem by moving his hands toward the
edge of my back. Each hand trailed down the outside
of one thigh. He moved down to my legs this way,
passing my ass cheeks altogether. He had to shift his
position to do this, and I knew he was leaning over
me, looking at my ass, at my balls hanging beneath.
My legs were spread apart a little, letting my balls
fall freely down to the blanket. His hands moved down
the sides of my legs, caressing my calves. All the
way down to my feet, his hands kept up a pulsing,
throbbing pressure. I loved it.

He shifted his position, pulling my legs apart even
more. I felt something warm and hairy rub against my
calf. His balls, I figured. I heard the squishing
noise of the plastic bottle again. I was still
thinking about that warm hairy thing that had been
pressed against my leg. I had liked that too. I
really had.

The guy’s touch was erotic. The sensations of his
touch and caress were doing something to me. It was
doing something to my mind, and to my cunt.

I had never had sex with a man before. Certainly, I
had never been touched like this by one. The way he
was touching me, and the way I felt about it, left no
doubt in my mind as to my being turned on by his
touch. Some of the men on the beach had occasionally
volunteered to rub lotion on me, and I had never
responded like this. I had never felt like this, just
being touched by someone.

I wanted to do the same to him. I wanted to feel his
hard muscles relax beneath my pressing fingers. I
wanted to feel his buttocks, spread his ass cheeks. I
wanted to feel his ass cheeks quiver and tighten as I
massaged them. I wanted to see his balls hang low, to
cup them in my hand. Then, I wanted to feel his hard
cock throb in my hand. Jeez, I was turned on!

“Nice leg muscles,” I heard him say. His voice was
husky and distant. As if trying to prove his
statement, he ran one hand up each leg, squeezing the
calf and thigh muscles as he did so. Stopping short
of my ass cheeks, he gently moved his hands toward my
inner thighs.

“Um,” he said.

“Huh?” I asked, turning and looking at him.

“I’m kind of afraid to . . . you know, out here in
public and all.”

“Ah, that’s okay,” I said. “This is a public place,
yes, but it isn’t against the law to rub lotion on
someone’s butt.”

Then I turned away, and as I closed my eyes, I said,
“It’s all right with me, if it’s all right with you.”

This seemed to give him new incentive, to put him at
ease about touching my ass. I felt his hands slowly
move toward my buttocks. As his hands moved up my
inner thighs, one hand kept moving and found my right
ass cheek; the other one hesitated and moved lower. I
could feel him tentatively move it across my balls. I
felt one finger gently rub against the edge of one of
my pussy lips. Then, several more fingers followed,
and soon, he had inserted one finger gently into my
cunt from behind.

His other hand massaged first one ass cheek, then the
other, kneading and squeezing. Now, I was really
turned on. I didn’t know what to do about it, here on
the beach like this. My beach blanket was against
some rocks, hidden from view of any lurkers who might
venture onto the secluded strand.

I rolled over on my back and smiled up at him. His
hard cock was throbbing, pressing against his belly
as he sat there. He pulled the towel over his mid-
section. Once again, he was trying to hide his
manhood from me.

“You need some sun screen on that white butt of
yours, Thomas,” I said.

“Otherwise, you’re gonna burn like crazy.”

He didn’t answer. Instead, he stared at my tits and
my hairy wet pussy with his mouth hanging open

“You’re kinda turned on, aren’t you?” he asked.

“You did that to me,” I said. “Your touch is — what
is the right word? —
‘erotic’, I guess they would say.” Then I added, “Or,
maybe ‘sensual’ would be a better word.”

As I was facing the beach, I noticed a couple walking
toward us from one end of the strand. It was a couple
I had seen a number of times, had even spoken with.
The woman, Carla, had even rubbed lotion on me. As
the couple passed, I gave a friendly wave, and they
did the same.

“Just maintain an even strain,” I said to Thomas.
“These people are a pretty regular couple here.
Actually, they’re quite a pair of exhibitionists. I’m
sure I’ve seen them playing with each other, lying

The couple moved out of sight, hidden by an
outcropping of rock. I figured that
they were going to peek at us from the hillock to our
right about 30 yards away.

For some reason that made me even more aroused.

I looked back at Thomas. This was one hell of a good-
looking guy, I thought. He seemed naive yet knew what
he wanted. A number of words came to mind, like
innocent but experimental, afraid, yet forward.

“I guess I got carried away there for a second,” I
heard him say. He spread his arms and shrugged.

His towel fell away from him as he did this, and it
fell on his hard cock, then all the way down. It
revealed his throbbing purple-headed cock sticking
up, pressing against his belly.

He reached for the towel, and bunched it up and
placed it against himself again. It was an unusual
scene for an onlooker–if there were any. Two people
sitting, facing each other on the beach. Usually,
people by instinct or by tradition faced the ocean at
the beach, seldom sitting facing one another.

To my surprise, Thomas reached up and removed his
shades, revealing two clear, very bright blue eyes.

“I’ve never… you know… done anything with

It was my turn to shrug and remove my shades. “I
haven’t either,” I said. “I’ve never met the right
person. It always seemed that the person I was
interested in wasn’t interested in me, and vice

“How old are you, Sherry?” he suddenly asked.

“Nineteen.” I smiled. “Kinda old for a virgin, huh?”

“Twenty here.” He smiled.

I put my shades back on. “All I can say, Thomas, is
that you’d better lie down and let me put some sun
screen on the white ass of yours. You’re gonna burn
like hell, and won’t be able to sit for a week.”

I moved over and pointed to the spot where I had been
lying, gesturing for him to lie down. He removed his
towel and leaned forward. He had an enormous hard on
now, with two giant orbs hanging beneath. The hair
around his cock was a light brown, and the balls were
just slightly hairy. On his back now, I moved over
and took the plastic bottle, spreading the gooey
stuff over my hands. I threw caution to the winds
then and simply climbed over and straddled him,
sitting atop his hard white ass. I spread my hands
down and began massaging his back.

As I continued to massage and rub the ointment into
his skin, I shifted my position downward. Straddling
his legs now, I massaged his pink, already sunburned
ass. His ass was firm, muscular. The skin was smooth
and pliant, and I thoroughly enjoyed rubbing this way
and that, watching his butt cheeks quiver under me.

I moved further down, rubbing his inner thighs,
spreading his legs as I did so.
His balls hung down, pressed backward by the weight
of his body. I rubbed first one cum-laden orb, then
the other, cupping both of them in my hands. Jeez, I
told myself, I didn’t want to just feel those balls,
I wanted to put them in my mouth and run my tongue
over them.

I felt something within me, something that I was
afraid to put into words inside myself. There was an
innocent, reticent quietness about this guy,
something that made me want to lay beside him and
hold him in my arms, to actually kiss him.

More than just wanting to look at a guy’s naked body
and masturbate with visions of it in my mind, like I
had done since I could remember, I actually wanted to
hold this guy in my arms.

I finished massaging the legs, then moved back up to
his balls hanging so heavy between his legs. I leaned
forward and rubbed my cheek against his ass. He was
full of the smell of the sunscreen. I glanced around.
No one was in sight. What if I chanced a quick
tonguing of the balls?

He rolled over, not giving me a chance to make up my
mind. His hard on pointed at his chest, throbbing,
engorged with blood. I needed release, and I was sure
that he did too. I still had ointment in my hands, so
I simply reached over and wrapped my hand around the
base of his cock. With the other hand, I cupped those
big balls in my palm. I stroked up and down, gently
at first, then faster and faster. Still glancing
around, I noted that no one was in sight. I stroked
him faster then, and I could see, could feel, his
thighs quiver. His stomach muscles contracted. He
opened his mouth, and with a deep intake of breath,
said, “I’m gonna cum.”

I could actually feel his balls lift up as he began
to cum. His cock began to jerk, and my hand was
suddenly filled with hot loads of white cum. I kept
stroking, and his body jerked and spasmed with each
load of his man-stuff. It shot up and over his chest.
It was quite a load, indeed.

He relaxed, and I stopped stroking.

He reached over and with his towel, wiped himself
clean. Then, he sat up and wrapped the towel around
his waist. Without saying a word, he gently pushed me
down to where he had been lying. He leaned over me,
and I closed my eyes as his lips brushed mine. I felt
his hand on my tits, and one wandered down to my
pussy. He sat up, and I heard the squish of the
plastic bottle. There wasn’t really any need for it,
I thought. Just a few strokes along my labia and a
touch on my clit, and I would cum all over the damn
place, I was so hot.

He cupped my tits in one hand and slid the other hand
down my stomach to my cunt. He stroked not five times
across my clit before I felt that rising in my groin.
My stomach muscles contracted, and I came, my legs
jerking and my body writhing around on the towel.

“Oh, my God,” I heard him whisper.

He lay beside me, then, and I did put my arms around
him. I didn’t care if anyone did see us then, for
that moment. No one did. But, I wouldn’t have cared.

“I think you may have burned your ass. Looks like
you’re going to have to come home with me, so I can
rub some after-sun lotion on it.”

“You’d better,” he said. “I think you burned, too.”
He smiled.

I heard giggling from the knoll 30 yards away…

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